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multitimbral midi with ES-5?
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Author multitimbral midi with ES-5?
Hi there,
I have just installed ES-5 (did the whole soldering thing with the ES-3 mark 1 and it seems to be working ok), and am grappling with the ins and outs of how midi works with it. One thing I really want to be able to do is send midi on multiple channels out of the same output on the ES5, to my EMU E6400 Ultra sampler. When I set up two ES-5 controller plugins in Ableton Live 9 and assign them to the same output (on different midi channels), the output of the ES-5 mutes and no midi gets sent out. Any thoughts on how to do this correctly?
Three problems here

- you can't have two tracks with ES-5 Controllers on and send them to the same outputs. You have to insert one after the other on the same track. To send MIDI to the second, you use a MIDI track and select the second plug-in as its output.

- you can't have two ES-5 Controllers targeting the same gate output. They don't do a MIDI merge or anything. It will work so long as you never play notes simultaneously on the two channels, but if you do, the MIDI will be corrupted. So, you'd want to send multi-channel MIDI to a single ES-5 Controller (in Omni mode).

- but you can't, because Live only sends MIDI to plug-ins on channel 1 (at least it always used to, I've not tried Live 9 yet). Why it does this is something of a mystery.

I have to ask though if it's worth using the ES-5 for this. If you're sending a lot of multitimbral MIDI down a single MIDI cable, the timing's not going to be great anyway, just because of the limitations of MIDI. Unless you don't actually plan on sending these multiple channels out simultaneously?
Deleted. You're talking about Live, sorry!
Thanks for the explanation Os.
It doesn't sound like it's all that feasible in Live then. I do think it would be a great thing to be able to do, though, and the timing hit isn't necessarily all that big –I don't send massive amounts of midi down the pipe. My usual setup with the EMU is to have a bank of kicks on midi channel 1, snares on 2, hats on 3, perc on 4 etc. I mixdown with the drums running live from the sampler into individual channels on my mixer (sound quality is a lot punchier that way) so I can't just record them in one by one. There are workarounds in the sampler (making one program with all of the different sounds on the same channel) but being able to set it up multitimbrally would be really sweet. I might get a midi merge box and use multiple outputs on the ES-5 to send several channels at once into the EMU but I'd be concerned about how that might mess with the timing. I also use Logic Pro 9, is there a way that it can be done in logic?
Thanks a lot,
Yes, it's easy in Logic - just send all the MIDI to one ES-5 Controller, set to Omni mode, and it will go out on whatever channel it comes in on.
Brilliant, it works a treat with logic. The timing is Rockin' Banana! Rockin' Banana!
Late to the party here, but after spending a night and a half trawling this forum for clues I finally got this exact set-up to work for me in Ableton!
I figured I'd post my walkthrough so that others might save some frustration in similar circumstances, although this thread has most of the answer:

*this is an obligatory 2nd post so that I can start attaching pictures...

1. Create a MIDI track for the ES5 controller plugin
2. Route audio for this track to Ext Out and set the output to ADAT 7/8 or whatever that pair is named on your interface (on my RME FF802 it's labelled 21/22).
3. Create as many MIDI tracks as necessary to correspond with the # of separate MIDI channels you'd like to send data through.
4. Route the MIDI in each of these tracks to the initial MIDI track with the ES5 plugin; in the second drop-down menu, select the corresponding MIDI channel you intend to control.
5. In the ES5 controller plugin - under MIDI OUT - set the MIDI Output to the correct header and port i.e. 'Gate X/X'
6. In the ES5 controller plugin - under MIDI OUT - set channel to 'OMNI' and keep Channelise 'OFF'

I haven't even gotten that much time to play with this yet, but it should be a game-changer! Trying to sequence my sampler from Ableton used to be such a discouraging nightmare.
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