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Oberheim Matrix 1000 battery replacement / Eprom upgrade
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Author Oberheim Matrix 1000 battery replacement / Eprom upgrade
Hi, did any of you guys ever change the battery on a Oberheim M1000?
I am looking for the actual battery.

I am not able to open it up as it stands right now, or well I am but it would take half a day to get all the other gear that's piled on top of it away.

I did however open it up a year ago, and what I could find is CR2032 3V. With solder legs.

Should the legs look like this? Available at Syntaur
I am just wondering if there are different types of solder legs?

And I have this picture:
You are best off replacing the battery with a battery holder, that way the next time the job will be a lot easier! They can be found quite cheaply as well, even in Electronics chain stores such as Jaycar. I've done quite a few of these type of battery replacements - sometimes it's a bit of a hack job, bending the leads on the holder, or soldering another longer lead on to make it fit, but nothing too hard!

Another reason for not using batteries with leads pre-soldered to them (well, sometimes it is necessary of course!) is that overheating the battery can damage it or even cause it to rupture. Bearing that in mind, I recommend carefully snipping the old battery from the PCB, then de-soldering the remainder of the cut terminals.

Thanks Blair,

I live in Denmark, we don't have a lot of stores around where I live that has this kind of stuff. So I would have to order on the internet. I will take your advise on being careful with the batteries. I have plenty of soldering skill. but when it comes to ordering parts, it doesn't come in much handy.
Not sure if you are in a rush. But I need to take my M1000 apart and fix a crappy volume pot. I will likely replace the batter holder and battery while I'm in there.

I you like, I'll order two to and ship the parts to you but will need a few weeks to get it done because I'm away next week for holiday.

Let me know via PM.
It is worth getting the new firmware upgrade while you have the lid off.
widdly wrote:
It is worth getting the new firmware upgrade while you have the lid off.

Where do i find that?
It is on the oberheim yahoo group..

You can get a burnt eprom posted to you if you send these guys the hex image ..

The upgrade fixes the slow response to modulating the cutoff from midi.
Thank you smile Great. Actually I have just tried taking contact to a guy on the Yahoo Group, maybe he will sell me one that has been burned already.

What about some of the bugs, have they been fixed as well?

I found this:
Interesting. TBH..I haven't had a proper play with mine since updating the eprom.
The only file I could find is a *.bin, will this be the hex you are reffering to?

If the matrix lights up and displays 1.1.3 (113) You will have the new version where the bug fixes are included.
The battery just slides out on the Matrix series right? No need for the soldering iron. In the US that battery can be found at drug stores and Radio Shack.

For the sysex try this:
Hi continuum,

The battery needs to be soldered, it just looks like it's going to slide in, but it's attached to the battery.

It's not really a sysex upgrade, it's Eprom, you need to burn the firmware to a chip. But anyway I have just tried writing him, so let's hope for an answear, would be nice smile It will really be great to use the filter cutoff, until now I have just assigned the filter to the volume or the mod. Wheel. It works ok. But, I would like to be able to use the mod wheel and the vol. As well.
BTW I believe you have Farnell (Element 14) there in Denmark, they do stock both pre-soldered CR-2032 and the battery holders. Of course given their prices it may well work out more expensive buying from them... they at least usually have detailed data on their products so you can usually work out which is the one you need.

Those battery holders can be bought from Hong Kong through Ebay though for very cheap prices - 5 or 10 for a few dollars, often including postage.

Thanks for info about the replacement firmware BTW. I wonder if the OB6000 software is compatible with it...?

EMwhite wrote:
But I need to take my M1000 apart and fix a crappy volume pot.

Had to do this on mine too... fortunately a standard 9mm pot can be used as a replacement.

Thanks Ringstone, EMwhite has been very kind to send me a couple of pots and batteries.

I will do some testing as soon as the eproms arrive and let you know if the OB6000 editor works, I belive it would work, since it's just correcting a couple of bugs which the OB6000 editor doesn't take into account. And the VCF stepping is just editing the firmware so the cpu doesn't have to rebuild the whole patch everytime you change the setting.

Farnell in Denmark is not shipping from Denmark, it's actually U.K.
There are a lot of companies where you can find parts, but when I am about to pay they often do not ship to private persons, only companies very frustrating
Farnell often states that they have stock of something but then it's only in stock in the U.S and you have to pay a lot of money for shipping, often 4 times the cost of the things you are ordering.
Hi everyone,

I just picked up a used Matrix 6 and Matrix 1000 combo that overall works great with two minor issues.

1. The Volume Pot is very scratchy on the Matrix 1000.

2. The "+" button is almost non responsive on the Matrix 1000 as well.

I'm curious about part numbers for these if anyone might know. For now, I'll probably just open it up and try to clean everything, but thought I'd get some parts on order.

Thank you!!

Hi Jim,

Sorry don't have part numbers. Maybe ask EMwhite for the pot number.
I don't know about the button, you will have to sort this out your self I think.

My experince is that 1-post wigglers doesn't seem to come back to the forum, but now I have at least tried.

My experince is that 1-post wigglers doesn't seem to come back to the forum, but now I have at least tried.[/quote]

Well with warm and fuzzy comments like that, there's no wonder people don't come back.

I took the Matrix 1000 apart and carefully cleaned the volume pot with alcohol cleaner. I then worked it around a bit and it seemed to have cleared things up. I also did the same with the button and now it works. I guess I lucked out a little bit. I had a similar issue with my Yamaha A3000 but had to replace the knob encoders on that.

I stumbled upon this forum through a Google search. There are a million in one forums on the web these days and to post a hundred times in order to ask a question is getting a bit 2013 I think. Sorry I'm old school from way back in the 80's when people HAD to make a one post question in order to start something. How I miss those days when forums were not so exclusive like this one.

And with that, I'm wiggling out of here on post #2. There are more friendly forums out there.

My apologies.
Sorry it wasn't meant that way, but to be honest I sometimes answear questions and people never return.

Don't be scared off by a jerk like me eek! this forum is actually not exclusive at all, and people are very friendly.

Glad it worked out for you. But still you could PM EMwhite and see if he still has a part number for the pot, now that you have the M1000 open anyways. The pot might be worn out and it will start to scratch again.

Hope i didn't scare you off
I know this thread is old, but you WANT to do this. aster-cpu.html

Doubles the CPU speed, quicker envs and bug fixes.

I've done mine and It's awesome
I didn't go quite as far and just upgraded my eprom with 1.16 from a nice guy over on gearslutz that is selling them for cheap. Great upgrade over the stock firmware and worth the 12€.
gwpt wrote:
I know this thread is old, but you WANT to do this. aster-cpu.html

Doubles the CPU speed, quicker envs and bug fixes.

I've done mine and It's awesome

So you were able to upgrade the CPU? Quite a few people reported similar problems when trying to do that. The firmware-only upgrade seemed to be more widely compatible. I never tried the CPU upgrade even though I bought the parts (chickened out). Just stopped at the firmware. Any ideas about why some CPU upgrades work and others don't?
I'm about to dive into a Matrix 1000 battery replacement.

Quick question: do I need to remove and flip over the PCB to do the desolder and resolder of the battery? Or can I get at it from the top side?

If I do need to remove the I remove the entire heat sink which the PCB is attached to? Or try to remove the PCB from the heat sink?

Thanks for any assistance!
You can get the battery with holder and wires on ebay. The battery delivers 3V, and will fit on other synths aswell, among them my Marion ProSynth.

You need to desolder the battery from the underside of the PCB on the Matrix1000, so the PCB needs to come off. Then you solder on the wires, and attach them to the holder. Not a job for a beginner, you need to know what you're doing, or get a pro to service it for you.

I ran into some problems after replacing the battery, with noise on the output. Read more here: &hilit=
All went ok years ago for me, batteries are still working fine.
Note, there is a new firmware 1.20??? I think. And it ruuuulez !
Combine that with the stereoping controller and it's like a new synth
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