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blippoo box
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Author blippoo box
One day, three young men presented themselves at the gates of the monastery. The head monk greeted them, and asked:
- Why do you want to enter the monastery?
- Because, master, we wish to learn to play the blippoo box.
- Is your desire to learn to play the box fervent and unshakeable?
- Oh yes, master, we swear it is.
The head monk pointed at the bunk house and said
- You will find all you need over there. We will talk in a month's time.
And sure enough, the young men found board and lodging and each one was given a blippoo box and a pair of headphones, so that after they had finished working in the fields and scraping out the shitters, they could play the box and learn its secrets.
After a month had passed, the head monk called them to him and said:
- Monks, tell me what you have learned of the box.
The first young man came forward and said:
- Master, I have a question about the runglers: I believe that the runglers are random generator circuits of a sort which drive the oscillators. But does the rungler CV sum with the FM and the sample and hold linearly, or is there more involved?
The master picked up a pail of slops and threw it at the young man, shouting:
- Get yourself a job in a bank, you imbecile. The rungler that can be told is not the true rungler!
Much abashed, the young man turned and left the monastery and was not seen again.
The master turned his attention to the second monk.
- Master, he said, this blippoo rocks! I can't get enough of it! I want to play it all day, it's so unpredictable and magical, it's like nothing I've ever used before!
The master picked up a second pail of slops (he always kept a few handy for such occasions) and threw it at the young man.
- Do you think I've nothing better to do than listen to you babbling on? Go and pick some cabbages for dinner, you lazy bastard!
The second young monk left for the cabbage patch, his head low.
- And you, the master said to the last monk, what have you to say for yourself?
- Master, said the monk, you wouldn't happen to have a tape delay lying around anywhere would you?
The master picked up the third pail of slops and emptied it over his own head. Then wiping his face clean he said:
- I think I have one somewhere. Now go and pick some cabbages, it's getting late.
I think I just had a glimpse of the true nature of mind...
Wish I had anything better to say than: great!
thumbs up
strettara –
strettara wrote:

It's lovely. I think I've become something of a fan of your work. SlayerBadger!
Dave Peck
I hope you plan to send a copy of the original post to Rob Hordijk. I think he would like that.
shortsleeves wrote:
It's lovely. I think I've become something of a fan of your work. SlayerBadger!

Thanks, shortsleeves, although the word "work" is maybe putting it a bit strongly!

I have sent a copy to Rob; he very generously fixed the box free of charge when it developed a power problem (possibly due to an unheated cargo hold on the way over from Australia, was his best bet) and turned it around in a couple of weeks.
Glad you got it working again. :-)
applause applause applause
Om He who must ask The Way is lost. Om

Great track, BTW, as well as the koan. I slapped myself and smiled. Thanks for sharing!
nrdvrgr wrote:
applause applause applause

Now that's just greedy...
The more the merrier. Love these things more than my Serge, euro, mother etc... best instrument ever.
That was most excellent applause applause

The real question though is what happens when three blippos are in the same room together... hmmm..... It's peanut butter jelly time!
adamon wrote:
The real question though is what happens when three blippos are in the same room together... hmmm..... It's peanut butter jelly time!

The ninth gate opens.

I'm also finding that passing a drone (like a boardweevil) through the box gives mesmerising results. A lot to explore.
Wow that was amazing.
Why Adapter
The original:

nrdvrgr wrote:
applause applause applause

they have their own tray? thumbs up
how much does a new blippoo costs?
I second Pascal's question... what is the cost and how to you acquire it?

I'm in the US so attending the synth-building workshops isn't a possibility for the Benjolin or Blippoo Box...

Thanks for any info...
Thirded - where does one attain blippoo box pieces and/or parts?
I got mine used off amnesia, apparently Rob Hordijk will build one for you if you ask him nicely. Secondhand they turn up every so often - I think I had to wait about 6 months before I was able to snag one. Macumbista is currently advertising licensed Benjolins with a range of custom options on the BST forum.
Drop a mail to Rob to order,

Not sure about the curent price, but expect it to cost 500-something euros.

@richard: Yes, I built a matching "tray" to keep them in place, looks nice and keeps the table tidy wink
In case people are confused:

The Blippoo is manufactured only by Rob in small quantities when he feels like it. I think it was originally intended as a limited edition run - as much an art project as an instrument - and has thus never been widely available or distributed. There are a few slightly different versions - but that is more the connections and ins and outs than the circuitry which I think has been unchanged throughout. Last time I asked he said there were 60 out in the wild, though I'd think that would be more like 80-100 now (just guessing). If you want one just ask him directly.

Benjolin was considered by Rob as a "gift" i.e. an open source workshop instrument which you have to DIY or come to one of his workshops to build. He therefore doesn't normally sell them, but I do know of at least two he has built. If you want one you have to make it or find some clever person to do it for you. He is apparently happy for Derek (macumbista) to build them to sell and out of respect I think Derek is paying Rob a little for each one.

The Benjolin has a low pass filter rather than the Blippoo's twin bandpass, it doesn't have a sample and hold circuit and it uses the dual Rungers (bit shift register) circuits quite differently. It doesn't sound like the Blippoo at all and vice versa.

Both these instruments are unusual because they are essentially very rich single complex synthesizer patches rather than complete synthesizers or modules. They are interesting despite and because of this limitation and anyone who knows Rob's old work with the Nord Modulars will understand why this rather unusual idea for what an instrument might be is interesting and why it is special to have an instrument that is essentially a solidified bit of his brain smile

They both have very characteristic sounds which are amazing at first but can also get a bit too familiar. On this level they are "just" amazingly high quality noise boxes you will tire of. But if you keep on delving and listening, then you start to figure out other things that are possible, when the true depth of the man's thinking begins to reveal itself.

After several years I feel I am still scratching the surface of these boxes.
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