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Omni Filter - Notch filter mode (UPDATED)
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Author Omni Filter - Notch filter mode (UPDATED)
Can anyone walk me through this?

I'm running a sawtooth into the Omni - set the Omni to Bandpass, flip the polarity switch on the Phase switch, send to Mixolator and monitor.

I'm not hearing any difference. I'm also looking at it using a frequency monitoing tool - I don't see any change there - just a bandpass curve.

What am I doing wrong?

Not sure what the appropriate format is for this, but I found an answer.

I don't hear or see anything in the bandpass mode but within a range when both bandpass and high pass indicators are on, when you flip the polarity switch the notch appears. It's quite narrow and deep and is just above the bandpass peak, on the spectrum analyser it looks like a mountain with a narrow canyon next to it. It tends to disappear at higher frequencies and I've not seen it with the 12db output.

Musically it's interesting because it sounds slightly more like a human voice and I guess we are very attuned to tiny differences in those kinds of timbres so it's turned out to be a worthwhile exercise, not just one of curiousity.
I had no idea that it was even supposed to be able to do notch filtering. Maybe try mixing the dry and filtered signal together and play w the phase switch?
hi Norman, the manual seems to imply that it mixes the dry and filtered signal within the module. When it didn't seem to do that I then tried the same thing by mixing the dry and filtered signals via the envelator mixer and flipping the switch. No change there either.

Oddly, when I took the Out 2 which is the out of phase output there was a difference, slight but hearable and visible on the spectroscope.
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