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PCB CubeWeevilPrototyping
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Author PCB CubeWeevilPrototyping
Playful PCB - onwards work to help CubeCinema Buy The Building

Some new Weevily ideas to play with too...

^ step 1 - 4, !!!
She's a beauty - fantastic design and what a great cause SlayerBadger!
Agree - really nice design and a worthy cause.

The idea of having a decent permenant art space near me would be wonderful, your lucky to have it.
Seats with character!

Can I hope for comfortable seats when you buy the building?
To answer this question specifically, NO. The seats in the auditorium are part of the historic fixtures and fittings. New seats will need to comply with new legislation on such things and the result will be fewer seats with less character, resulting in unacceptable changes to the integrity and character of the Cinema.

Looks like a very fun place thumbs up
any idea when this will be available!?!?
a sequencer on a weevil sounds like a dream come true
woah cool - i will definitely be looking forward to seeing and hearing how the cube weevil shapes up! BugBrand!

It is fairly chaotic, to be honest. (the seq - but adds some new flavours, I think)
Hoping to finish the 1st prototype shortly (today)
Won't be available for a few months - moving everything to 'proper' SMD assembly and have quite a lot else on my plate!

Oh, also takes on board some comments about muting the sounds - there's a level dial to turn down the main feed, but then touch plates can be used to bridge past this - kind of like touchy sound mixing.
Wow. Sequencer and muting with no touching. Seriously excited.

P.s. Tom you may remember emails from me a few months ago asking about modding my boardweevil 2012 into a large case - well the picture in my avatar is the case so far (with large touch plates!). I'm getting there slowly but surely!
very neato! BugSaga rolls on
Looks beautiful! Interesting with the seq, and the touch amp thing will bring a different kind of playability. Really looking forward to this, Tom!
otoskope wrote:
.. the touch amp thing will bring a different kind of playability. ..

You can take a little credit here! I had already prototyped another same-old-Weevil (you know, very similar continuation from Board/Postcards) and then we were chatting a bit by email - reminded me to think and not just repeat.
8_) inception works, sometimes...
I used to frequent the cube years ago even still had a membership card in my wallet until I lost it a few years ago

although I'm not sure they still have a membership system razz as I haven't been to bristol for ages

I saw tom play there a few times and various other great acts and films

I highly recommend it to west country wigglers
the cubeevil is so cute that will be a pleasure for us to support this cause It's peanut butter jelly time!
Production is DONE.
But I'm headed back out of the country again tomorrow so not sure when the release will be..
Super sweet in matt-black, gold contacts and yellow silk-screen.

mr hoodee
That looks tasty, looking forward to these.
It's peanut butter jelly time!
looks amazing, tom! that 4 step seq looks sexy, too. can't wait. hopefully this releases soon.

the great thing about the weevils is that they all have their own unique sound and character and this weevil clearly follows in that tradition. applause
A thing of beauty! Great cause too, I know the cube from my brizzle days and its a fantastic thingy.
Bring it on!!! It want´s to explore my house. I know it wants.
yes! how many will be available?
I'm going to watch this thread like a hawk.
Can't wait! It's peanut butter jelly time!
52 have been made.
That's one for me, one for the Cube and 50 for general release.
ETA? Price?
Hi Tom,
Are you planning to release some demos/videos of the the new weevil soon?
And tell me about the release date please.
we're not worthy
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