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Sequantizer gate out plus JAG = ?
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Author Sequantizer gate out plus JAG = ?
If I use a gate out from the Sequantizer to connect to X or Y in on the JAG, with the gate off and putting out 0V (as checked on a multimeter), the value appearing from the JAG and as registered on the lights for that axis is somewhere in the middle as though it was receiving a 5V signal.

This happens when using a single gate, as well as multiples.

The switch for +/-5 or 0-10 is definitely set for 0-10.

Can anyone replicate this behaviour? Can anyone at Wiard HQ comment on what might be causing this and how to resolve it?
As I understand it, the switch on the Jag is back to front ....but I'm sure someone more experienced will chime in to confirm.

not on the 1200 JAG unfortunately, but thanks for mentioning.
slow_riot wrote:

Can anyone at Wiard HQ comment on what might be causing this and how to resolve it?

The gate outputs on the Sequantizer are diode isolated and will not pull down, so that sounds like it could be nothing more than normal behaviour. Try a different voltage source maybe?
if I put them through a buffering circuit would that help?
Basically you just need to connect a load to pull the voltage down, since it isn't being done at the output or the input in this specific case. Nobody has ever tried this before as far as I know.

Maybe you could try just multing the connection with something else that won't interfere with your patch.
more people should use the sequantizer so it doesn't just seem like it's me trying to break it! the slides and octaves are incredible when sequenced without necessarily being tied to steps on their own module.

that solution is perfect... haven't tried it yet but am predicting that joystick can be multed which doesn't tie up anything else.
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