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sequantizer and microtones
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Author sequantizer and microtones
I've just been investigating the effects of putting the quantized output of a sequantizer into a Hinton trimmer module with positive and negative gain.

Of course it's possible to attenuate the unquantized output but this option allows use of the slide and octave functions, and allows any division of the octave per step.

I haven't used microtones properly for a long time and the results are really interesting when exploring FM and with the possibility to adjust pitch per oscillator and not linked together like DX7 etc.
octave function doesn't work that well when using this method.

12tET really doesn't do justice to the tonal range of analogue FM.

this method offers benefits over just grabbing a pitch with the unquantized knobs, as all the different even divisions of the note range have their own distributions and you are forced to obey their laws. I find the grabbing method often lead me to larger ratios like the third or the fifth.

I believe Carlos Alpha and Beta scales can be used in this way.
I haven't had much luck inverting or scaling the quantized outputs either since it's already scaled. I have however had a lot of fun using the 10v output into something like a CVP to dial in fifths as previously mentioned. I also enjoy sending the scaled 10v back into the Oct + or Oct - for more variation. Multing that to the envelator is great for trills and more expressive dynamics, but that has more to do with the functionality and less to do with microtones.

I have had luck pulling microtones out of the woggle's s/h or smooth output. I use the CVP to scale the output and then throw it into the WFC's Quantizer. It's not exactly precise but you can get some interesting results there. The Noisering has always been brilliant for this as well.
i'm sick of microtones today
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