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Hagstrom "The Patch" guitar synth
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Author Hagstrom "The Patch" guitar synth

Just bask in the glory of this bad-ass unit. I'd heard of these and seen pictures for years & years. This is the first time that I've actually seen footage and heard the unit in action. It's incredibly impressive for 1977.
Rockin' Banana! + Euro "Standard" ftl = Wow!
this is amazing. yeah same here ive never seen or heard this in action only pictures

i would like to see this joined with the Moog guitar Drunken Homer Simpson it would probably only cost like $14000 lol

side not: i love that guys platforms
I always would have liked to find more footage of this Steve Pacelli guy. The only other clip I've come across so far was this:


That is a cool demo. I'm a big geek for that classic guitar-meets-synth sci-fi action. I haven't been watching for them lately, but in the past I would see the Patch basses and guitars up for sale fairly regularly (I wanted a Hagstrom Swede bass for a while there). Every once in a while one of the floor units would pop up. I don't imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to piece a setup together. Hmm - that'd go nice with a new SEM! hyper

Gotta resist those urges now, though. Must feed the modular! MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Another blast from the past. I had one of these briefly in 77 or 78. The idea came from the Guitorgan which also had a wired fretboard. This was built into a Hagstrom Swede model guitar. Don't know about any others, but mine (which I acquired used) was horrible. The neck warped incessently, probably because the truss rod was the same as the standard model) and it needed constant adjustment. And the intonation of the guitar was horrible as well. It was actually very difficult to play because if any string touched a fret, it triggered so bar chords caused problems and you had to either very softly or set the action quite hi as any string buzzing on a higher fret caused the pitch output to go nuts. Also, you had to be VERY careful about ground loops between your guitar and the PA. I got jolted a few times myself. A novel idea, but from my perspective, it didn't work.
I also find it both interesting and ironic that this pops up at the same time the Eigenharp threads are running. How far we've come....
Dang! And those boots are FOR REAL.
emergencyofstate wrote:
Dang! And those boots are FOR REAL.
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