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Projector to Guitar Amp Conversion
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Author Projector to Guitar Amp Conversion
Chrome Dinette

A friend of mine brought me this little mutant to spiff up a little. He had already rehoused the amp in the old radio, but I made it sturdier and safer(3 prong cord, fuse, etc).

After changing the filter caps and snipping out a couple of no longer necessary parts related to the photocell, the amp sounds shockingly good. The signal passes through a 6j7 pentode, then a 6j5 triode and a 6sn7(half gain stage, half p.i.) on its way to two 6v6's for the output.

The best part is, for my troubles, I received what seems to be a Hammond Solovox(L) chassis in decent shape. I just need to find a schematic so I can fashion a keyboard/controller.

Muff Wiggler
man, every time i see you post anything anywhere - i'm totally blown away. not only do you and your friends come across some truly incredible stuff, you guys have skills. awesome, awesome skills. very cool stuff, thanks for posting !
That's a great-looking housing! Top-notch work!
Chrome Dinette
Thanks for the kind words. Even though I still have a lot to learn, I am getting more confident in my building abilities.

Apparently, the Solovox is a bland sounding instrument, so I may not go to the trouble of making a controller. I could use the power transformer for something else, however.
Keep frankensteining cool machines!
That is so awesome! A great choice of case!
wow, that's great. Excellent work smile
I did a similar projector conversion. I bought a Bell & Howell 16mm projector for $3 and an extension Speaker cabinet for $10. I managed to fit the amp in the extension cab. Nice and tidy tube amp for $13. It sounds great. I gave it to a friend of mine and never saw it again.
what happened to the other two pics?
Check the original post dates, yo. Dat shiz is more expired than 2 year old milk.
d'oh! necro-thread-fail doh.
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