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ES5 and ES7 cable lengths? mounting row above ES3/6?
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Author ES5 and ES7 cable lengths? mounting row above ES3/6?
I have the ES3 and ES6 mounted in an Enclave flight case. Due to the depth, they BARELY fit. They have to be all the way to the side to avoid hitting the busboard.

I would like to get the expanders for each, but at least one of them will need to be mounted on a row above or below the ES3 or 6. Are either of the expander cables long enough to allow for this? Or could I get a replacement cable?

The ES-5 and ES-7 come with the same 7cm cable as the ES-6.

You'll hit reliability issues if you use both ES-6 & ES-7 with a long cable in the chain. Your best best would be to use a long cable for the ES-5.

If you order direct from me I can provide a longer cable instead of the standard short one.
hmmm I was curious about this as well. eventually want to add an es6 but might like to keep it at the other side of an 84hp row (I like having input modules on the left and outputs on the right). So trying a ~14" cable would probably cause issues?
You'd probably be OK for an ES-6 but not an ES-7 too.
thanks, Os.
os wrote:
Your best best would be to use a long cable for the ES-5.

I’m interested in a longer cable from ES-3 to ES-5. If a heavy duty (22 AWG) custom cable is used, would that allow the cable to be longer?

I’m talking about these, but a 10-pin to 10-pin version:
Mmmm, I smell snake oil.

If it's an ES-3 mk4, it's unlikely to make much of a difference, since the mk4 has modifications to make longer cables work better anyway. If it's a mk3 or earlier it might help, but you'd have to try it.
I’m a Graham Hinton style devotee, so... less resistance is better with these cables, and I have massive power cabling going to my busboards (otherwise these cables would be useless, such as with a HEK).

With regular ribbon cables, I’d have to order up a custom cable for this purpose. With these premium cables, all I have to do is pull the pins off a pair of 16-10 cables and switch them to make a 10-10 cable in a matter of minutes.
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