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Church of the Apocalypse Dallas TX 11/13/09
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Author Church of the Apocalypse Dallas TX 11/13/09

Friday November 13th 8pm 406 S. Haskell Dallas, TX
The Phoenix Project is a new DIY venue that recently opened in Dallas. The Phoenix Project wishes to establish itself not only as a home to punk/hxc/metal, but also to more experimental realms of sound and expression. All proceeds from the show will go directly to keeping the doors of The Phoenix Project open. Come out and show your support! Bring a book and get in at a discounted price.

HEAVY electronic Drone/Doom from Denton, determined to eliminate your bowels.

Church of the Apocalypse
Dallas local Ross Stapf brings an overwhelmingly excessive modular synth assault. Guaranteed to dwarf your setup by comaparison.

a quartet of pressure and discomfort from Dallas, dense synth waves, handmade devices, harsh textures, junk metal abuse. Nasty.

scum noise for deviants.

Small Talk
audio/visual art improv duo from Dallas. stunning visual arts accompanied by broken electronics, shortwave frequencies, electro-acoustics, baking pans and clarinet.

Wu Fru De Lu
experimental sound duo from Denton. anything across the spectrum from totally visceral vocal noise, to processed field recordings, to sample laden beat heavy fuckery can be expected. You never know what these two will do.

Mike Maxwell brings the ruckus.

Casey Duncan builds vicious harsh noise walls.

A Fail Association
Needs no introduction. the dada drumming dude. Ridiculously good harsh noise.

In Girum Imus Nocte
female solo guitar driven psych/drone.
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