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Do any of yalls rock a VA as a main board?
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Author Do any of yalls rock a VA as a main board?
y'know, nords, viruses, etc.

I keep going back and forth on copping an "all rounder" for gigs and home use. I probably have a direct emulation of everything these boards do in software (komplete 5, live suite, other stuff) but long for the relationship one has with a single keyboard that can do lots of sounds.

Still viable in 2009?
I use a Indigo 2 (Virus 2) and an MS2000. I love them both. So they're not analog. Who cares, they sound great and serve a great function. They both sit very well in a mix to me. If I want / need analog, I'll use an analog. If I want VA sound, or a new, reliable, synth with readily available spare parts, I use a VA.

The Virus isn't just for trance either. It is very well rounded.
I mostly use a Nord G2 quite heavily with my rig. With a good midi-cv box it complements the modular very well and works incredibly well for live shows. Too bad nord stopped making them because it really is a powerhouse.

I also have an alesis ion and a korg radias that i use quite a bit.
Ion has to be the most 'analogue sounding' VA i've worked with and has very high resolution knobs so you can really tweak it to a fine and precise control level you just cant do with other VA synths. Plus it has something like 20+ different filter models including moog, oberheim, roland jupiter, arp, and a bunch of others. (surprisingly no ms20 filter model tho)
I use this one alot for live as well.

And the radias... well i was a little underwhelmed when i first got it home and started using it, but over time it really started to show itself as a very flexible workhorse in the studio.
The modulation sequencers on it are awesome, and the editor software for it is really good. It really seems to shine for doing evolving pads, sequencey bits, and motion synths.
The key was to obliterate all the presets and start from scratch. My god what horrible cheezy presets!

I used to also use a virus but i just cant friggin stand the sound of them anymore.
I think VNV Nation killed the virus for me.
not va, but digital. i use a korg wavetstation ex. cheap, lovely action, great sounds!
Madcap Labs
I have a Nord Stage EX Compact (the 73-key model) and I love it. It's a pretty versatile MIDI controller, and the sounds are excellent - I actually like them (acoustic pianos, electro-acoustic keys and B3) more than any VIs that I've heard. And the synth section, to my ears anyway, sounds like a Nord Lead - it ain't a JP8, but it's fat n' punchy and laughably intuitive to program. The built-in effects are also top-notch - you can even do Karplus-Strong with the delay in "analog" mode. And for playing out on the road, if you buy the Nord case, it fits into the overhead luggage rack on the plane.

It's not cheap, but it does about everything well - highly recommended, especially if you're a pianist/keyboardist and need 73 (or more) keys.

Peace and love,

Kurzweil K2661
Not exactly a VA, but I dropped the cash for a Solaris coming up on two years ago. So hopefully soon.
I was rocking an Korg EA-1 for a few years but didn't really like it very much. I didn't think it sounded particularly good (imho) although there was a few patches I made which I'd occasionally use here or there. I used the filter in/distortion and delay quite a bit but that was essentially it. Basically it was just a glorified effects processor for me. I later traded it and acquired a ER-1 soon after. I'm a big fan of the ER-1 (mk. 1) as it sounds good and doesn't try to be what it is not.

I've also rocked the Roland XP (I know, not VA) with an external set of knobbies. Great synth power there..
I used to have a Virus B and Nord Micro, sold both.

I used the Virus as my main synth for my last album, On This Cold Floor. Talking to folks used to hearing VNV Nation's preset hell, they were surprised that my album didn't have "that sound". As with anything, it's now you program it. I liked that little synth, but I used it less as time went on and I was building my modular.

The Micro was something I lusted over forever, and when I finally got it decided it had come when my mind was moving away from staring at the computer screen to make patches. On that note, I use Reaktor less than I used to as well.

parasitk wrote:
Talking to folks used to hearing VNV Nation's preset hell, they were surprised that my album didn't have "that sound". As with anything, it's now you program it.


I've still got a bunch of VA's (Virus Classic, MicroQ, Korg EA1, microKorg), though I don't really use them much since the modular got to a certain size.
I spent way too much time programming the microKorg, and got some much more interesting sounds (to me anyway) than the bullshit trance presets it came with. But a lot of people never see past that, and assume that the presets are indicative of what a synth is capable of. Sad really.

Comedy moment once when a friend came around, flipped some random microkorg preset, held down a key, and got some gated lead. "Hey check it out. It's any Funker Vogt song you ever heard"
I think it's safe to assume, that being on a modular synth discussion board, that we've all gotten way past the presets on any gear we've owned. If not, then what the hell are we doing with one's time??
Of course WE have.

not this shit again
Chuck E. Jesus
Solid Bass still rules w00t
essex sound lab
I have a few VAs...most of which I really, really like:

Virus TI Keyboard
Waldorf MicroQ Omega
Quasimidi Polymorph
Nord Rack 3

Of course, the Virus and the MicroQ go well beyond being simple VA synths, and the Polymorph is a critter unto itself.
Chuck E. Jesus wrote:
Solid Bass still rules w00t

f'ing a right!
The Virus is my absoulte favorite VA
Analogue oscillatormodels sounds really really phat! even filtermodels sounds nice. the WaveTable makes it kind of PPGish and the FX sections abillity to follow envelopes and LFOs is nice too. And the saturation mode of the amps rangeing from warm to harsh digital.
Ofcourse, it has to be programmed to sound interesting.
Presets are really shit alltogheter.
i can't remeber the last time i used a preset in any old synthesizer for that matter.
+ 1
on the Virus
i use my JP-8000 as much as i use my JP-6, JU-6, and modular.
I have a EA-1, but it tends to sit in the closet mostly. I actually like a lot of what it can produce, and I'm a big fan of its sequencer...I just don't have my studio organized enough right now to really get it in the mix.
i don't rock my synths, i techno them wink
I have a Virus b in storage... I miss it a lot, and have used it a lot, and when I get it out of storage and set up a studio again will use it right next to my modular again.

I like using it as an effects processor and routing the LFO's to effects parameters like delay time.

I will probably always have the virus, its too convenient to be without.
V-Synth and Zebra 2 (holy shit! a soft synth? is that legal here?)

But I rarely use them to virtually make analog sounds.
essex sound lab
justin3am wrote:
V-Synth and Zebra 2 (holy shit! a soft synth? is that legal here?)

But I rarely use them to virtually make analog sounds.

Thanks for reminding me that I too have a V-Synth. d'oh!

Likewise, I seldom use my VA synths for analog-sounding sounds (with the exception of the Polymorph). They all have their own unique sound. And the Virus TI is a real workhorse...versatile and rich.
OH well we are on to softsynths now.. heh.

Yeah I use absynth and omnisphere mostly. Occasionally I have used synplant, sylenth1, zebra and Logic plugs.

However with getting more hardware (primarily analogue mono) I really only use them for strings and ambient evolving morphing stuff.

Oh and I'll always have a little soft spot for the virus. I don't have one but keep an eye out for a good deal on a b or a c every once in a while.. still hasn't happened though.
As much as I love analog gear, my Nordlead 2 is one of my favorite synth ever :

- "Personable" sound;
- Very flexible synth engine;
- Great interface;
- No onboard FXs;
- All the modern commodities I wish some of my old gear had (full MIDI, separate outs, memory)

Not good for all jobs, but it can cover a lot of territory.

computer controlled
I've had 2 Viruses and loved them both. I only this last one to start my modular. I think it's one of the greatest VAs ever made.

And yes, Solid Bass does still rule.

VNV Nation does not.
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