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New Plan B stuff announced Monday
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Author New Plan B stuff announced Monday
From the Plan B yahoo group:

In case you didn't see this before, on Monday morning we will be
posting photos and product descriptions of the following, all of which will be
released between June and September of 2008:

ELF Series:

Model 23 Analog Shift Register
Model 36 Leveler
Model 37 ELF LFO
Model 38 ELF ADSR
Model 38A ADSR Expander
Model 39 Wave Splicer
Model 40 Headphone Preamp

Standard Series:

Model 21C Mini Milton (18hp)
Model 30 Triple Digital VCO Subsystem (26hp)
Model 30C Expander for Model 30 (8hp)
Model 31 Buffered Multiple (6hp)
Model 32 Vector Plotter (14hp)
Model 33 Triple VCA (10hp)
Model 34 Switch Logic (10hp)
Model 35 Vector Switch (10hp)
Here it is, some great looking modules.

I particularly like the Vector switch and plotter
The Mini Milton is HOT
Some nice stuff there. The vector/Milton modules in particular, but those narrow-width LFO and ADSR's look danged handy.
Wow. I know where my tax refund is going.

Those little LFOs are going to be great.
Muff Wiggler
awesome stuff!! love the look and design in these, very very nice.
This stuff looks fantastic.
ELF LFO looks like a hit.
The only question is why he didn't call it the ELF-O
GeneralBigBag wrote:
The only question is why he didn't call it the ELF-O

sounds too much like ELMO.

I'm in love with the mini-Milton...which I will henceforth call Milton Jr. because I think it sounds cooler.
I shall call him...

Mini me! lol
Chuck E. Jesus
nice! can't wait to see the price on those Elf mods, pretty much can sign me up for the Elfo...and 'lil Milty looks like a cool new bestest buddy for my Doepfer A-155 Sequencer...
Chuck E. Jesus
oh yeah, the Wave Splicer looks like a simple, powerful tool....

ross g wrote:
'lil Milty

Uncle Milty

Chuck E. Jesus
Kwote wrote:
ross g wrote:
'lil Milty

Uncle Milty

see, that's what i'm going to call the big Milton when (if) it comes out....
good point.
well, i just checked peter's post about all the configuration options on the new m30. this looks like a really powerful module.

Peter wrote:
The Model 30 is configurable. This is the basis of the 'subsystem'
paradigm. The intent was not to approach this as three VCOs - although
in MINI MODE Patch 1 it is exactly that), but more a subsystem of
three VCOs in which complex timbres can be realized. This is the main
reason for having only 1 output.

By selecting a patch, the output configuration is changed to reflect
any one of ten internal patches (let's not use the word algorithms,
please. 1, it was a lame description to begin with, 2, it suggests a
connection to DX technology, which the M30 surpasses). These patches
are broken into four categories:

"MINI" MODE (meaning they replicate classic analog patch
configurations with MINI in reference to the MINIMoog).

FM MODE - patches which deal primarily with internal Frequency Modulation.

RING MOD MODE - The output is configured as a Four Quad. Balanced
Modulator or Ring Modulator.

FREQ SHIFT MODE - The output is configured to provide Frequency
Shifting of two or more of the VCOs.

Each mode has a series of series of patches available to the user.

Looking at the MINI MODES:

The first is classic Three VCOs through a Mixer. Yet remember, each
of the inputs to that mixer have full voltage control as well as
manual levels, so more three VCOs into three VCAs into a mixer.

The second patch in the category removes VCO1 from the output and
routes it to FM 2 and 3. There are actually two paches represented
here. In one the FM to VCO 3 is in quadrature (thus 90 degrees).


In the first patch VCO 1 is removed from the output and used to FM
VCO2. VCO 3 is unaffected and passes straight to the output.

In the second, VCO 1 FM's VCO2 and the output of VCO2 FM's VCO3.

In the third, both VCO1 and VCO2 are routed to FM VCO3.


Patch 1: VCO 1 FM's both VCO2 and VCO3, with VCO's FM in quadrature.
The Output of 2 and 3 are then balanced modulated.

Patch 2: VCO 1 and VCO2 are Bal. Mod, VCO3 passes straight to the
output unaffected.

Patch 3: ! and 2 are Bal Mod, and that output is routed through a
second Bal Mod with VCO 2.


Patch 1 gives the DIFFERNCE output of VCO 1 and a summed yield of VCO
2 and 3 running in 90 degree phase relation to one another.

Patch 2 is the same but outputs only the SUM of the two

There are a few things to remember here:

1) At all times the LEVEL pots and VC LEVEL inputs to the three VCOs
are live. One can effect the dynamics of anything you see in these

2) While patch configurations effect internal routing, they do not
send the panel controls to preset levels. In short, this module
behaves like an analog VCO bank. In this way sound design decisions
were not made for you, they are made by the end user

3) The Patch pot is fully voltage controllable. In this way, M30
'hearts' M21C.

4) Along with any internal FM represented by the patches, the user retains use
of the PHASE LOCK (sync) the external individuals VCOs FM inputs as well.
There are some patches where these functions are altered, we will get to this a
bit later.

5) Oh...this is just like a DX7, right? Wrong! Remember not only
does the user retain full control of the Waveshape of each VCO in
realtime, but their phase relationship to one another within the patch
(quadrature). Try THAT one on your DX.
Yeah I'm really excited about the M30 now. When Peter was showing me the prototype at NAMM (and it was just wasn't plugged in or anything) a lot of these routings hadn't been finalized yet.

He mentioned the obvious mini mode and FM modes, but I had no idea there would also be ring mod and freq shift possibilities!

I think this will definitely be another module to the system...sound samples will sell me on it for sure.
Oh wow.
That plus a sequencer... it's almost too much to think about.

What would it sound like if you audio-rate modulated the routing???....?
Probably pretty crazy!

I'm curious to eventually hear some sound samples and hear the amount of aliasing present.

A certain amount of aliasing can present a unique timbrel flavor, but too much aliasing might be a bit annoying...

geez, listen to me...heh...all spoiled on analog audio rate modulation meh
Hmm... Some good subtle aliasing would add a cool sound feature to a modular.

As it is, this is yet another reason to be jealous of you Euro folk. I'm still digging Frac, but there's a lot of cool stuff happening in the Euro world.
The elf LFO's and wave splicer will be the heart of my new setup... I am uber excited...
I'm probably gonna pick up one of the LFOs, two wave splicers, and three ADSRs.
Peter announced ELF pricing on the Plan B list this morning:

The pricing of the ELF products have been finalized:

Model 23 Analog Shift Register: $165
Model 36 Leveler: $60
Model 37 LFO: $160
Model 38 ADSR: $130
Model 38A ADSR Expander: $55
Model 39 Wave Splicer: $100
Model 40 Headphone Preamp: $75

They will be shipping in late June, possibly early July depending on
the ramp-up time of the first production lot.

The Plan B site will be updated to include product pages for the ELF
series within the next week and preorders will be available through the Noisebug
site within the next two weeks.
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