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just got my creature and i was wondering....
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Author just got my creature and i was wondering....
ok i have gotten some pretty cool things recorded as it is i was wondering do you guys have any ideas on sounds?

figure it would be good to get a creature patch list going please tell me if there is one already i searched and couldnt find one

Have you tried messing with patches like the ones pictured on ? Could be fun starting points!
yes lots of fun i was just thought a database of patchs would be a good idea
Yeah, I think the Serge concept is open ended creativity.
Part of the deal is exploration and self expression - which is fun.
Copying patches is not in the grand plan, although not wanting to sound too serious about this.
jsut patch everything to everything. You can't damage anything as long as you don't patch other non Serge stuff in there. 8_) We were just given the go ahead to stack multiple bananas on inputs as well. life is good.
Pockets McCoy
Yep, and if something locks up, just filp the power switch and all's well again. As far as a patch list is concerned, it wouldn't really do you much good...diagrams can be made about how to get such and such function block to cycle, for example, but it's hard enough to recreate a patch I came up with on my own, much less trying (severely) in vain to try and recreate a sound someone else recorded based on their notes. Exploration's where the fun is, really...see how high you can make your mountains of bananas until you just can't make anything else happen. And above all else, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!
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