June Mailout: FXHE/PTDelay/Changes

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June Mailout: FXHE/PTDelay/Changes

Post by BugBrand » Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:47 am

Here's what I wrote to the mailing list today....

WOW - 4 months since my last mailout.. A *lot* has been changing. Here's the run-down.

**FXHE - Tom Bugs - Living Leaving 12"**
YES - almost 30 minutes of live studio techno wobble split over 2 sides of vinyl and released by one of the very finest Detroit Labels::::
Omar S is something of an underground legend - very direct & hard-working and it gives me utter excitement for him to release this recording from around 1 year ago.
There's actually no BugModular *sound* (instead it is drum machines & synths) but the Modular is used to reconfigure trigger streams - a key concept in my Modular approaches.
The vinyl is available direct from Detroit or check your local record store - lots of availability online now, I think.

**PT Delay Standard 2013**
YES - finally time for the new PT Delay design. It has been quite a while coming, but perhaps the next section will explain a bit more of the background changes.
http://www.bugbrand.co.uk/index.php?mai ... cts_id=113
The main changes from the 2011 model are: Voltage Control! More powerful Equalisation! Standardised Production methods! Internal Refinements!
I had hoped to get the full batch of 100 done and released at this stage, but.. time is of the essence (again, see below) so now I'm splitting it into two batches of 50 units each - the remaining batch will come in 2-3 months..

YES - I'm actually leaving Bristol in 2 weeks time - or, at least, I will be living in Sweden for the coming months, though the BugBrand HQ will remain in Bristol for the time being.
Bigger, exciting life outside the regular Bug World!
As such, I will not be working on Bug-Bits for around 2 months (life will keep my hands busy) and then from there there will be definite changes (not all fully decided at the moment) - more working remotely with occasional popping back to Bristol for hands-on work.
And the main thing is that I am putting the Modular on ice for the time being (there will be a Modular Mailout shortly explaining more - I've been focused on winding down for much of the last few months) and instead focusing on bigger batches of standalone devices - I'm already lining up a couple of new designs, but lips are sealed for now.
In essence - stopping, but not stopping.

And alongside all the other changes, I want to say a MASSIVE thankyou to my trusty assistant of almost 4 years - Mark Durgan (who is something of an underground legend)
Without Mark's work I'd not have been able to produce the things I have - he has worked so reliably.
Mark was the production powerhouse of the cranky bug-setup - he did most of the building work while I did design, parts sourcing, testing and all the sending/emailing etc.
Mark now moves off to new areas and I wish him the very best for future works.

Wishing you all a very happy SUMMER.
And extend great & ongoing thanks to everyone who continues to give me the buzz to work!

Bests, Tom

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Post by construct09 » Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:06 pm

Thanks Tom!! :hail:

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