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dreamboat vs. chaos bro
Author dreamboat vs. chaos bro
I'm looking to fill the 'randomness' need in my (small) euro system. I had been eyeing the wogglebug for a while, but started feeling that I wanted something smaller (my system is just two 84hp rows, and is mostly filled at this point). The wogglebug would take up my remaining space and I'm finding that I'd rather pair a smaller 'random' source with few of the micro intellijel utilities.

This led me initially to the dreamboat, but then I started looking into the chaos bro, and I'm torn now. The chaos bro seems a little closer in concept to the wogglebug, however this isn't necessarily what I'm going for. I have room for either at this point (but not both unfortunately...).

I'm curious what the approximate frequency ranges are of the 'lfo' (lower oscillator) on the dreamboat and that on the chaos bro. Are they similar? I've heard the chaos bro is wider, but not sure if it covers the dreamboats plus more, or if its just shifted...

Also, what are the difference between the gate outs? Is the chaos bro 'more adjustable'?

At this point I'm determined to add some snazz to my system It's peanut butter jelly time! , so its just got to be one of these two...
Dreamboat owner for about 2 weeks now,bought out of curiosity rather than any specific application needs.
Addressing your questions about the LFO speed ,the DB spits out a fast rate generally.It can be tamed to a slower kind of on/off state by pitching down and applying CV.The Lfo can be slewed nicely to provide a less dramatic waveshape.
It works in a way that I am yet to fully grasp however, and there may be a CV specific way of crunking the LFO down to less frequent shifts.
If you want longer/more 'controllable' modulations without having to patch then I reckon the Chaos Brother could be the way to go....

Either way,the Dreamboat is a wonderfully built module and would be a fun addition to any experimental rig.I am finding myself having sessions based around it like I have had with no other piece of gear modular or not.It certainly feels like owning a strange pet that needs attention but returns the favor in crazy acrobatics.

I am going to buy a Chaos Brother when funds permit,it is top of my list...
I have both of 'm. The dreamboat is more of a fast rate. Chaos bro has low to mid-fast range. The dreamboat isn't as easy to dial in, which is also a strong point. Dreamboat is great to add some subtle or not so subtle naturalistic modulation. So it has a mind of its own, the chaos bro can be told how much of a mind of it's own its supposed to have. Chaos bro is really great in controlling and dialing in, how much and what kind of chaos you want. Chaos bro is also perfectly capable of non-chaotic lfo's and you can choose different shapes, one of them variable.

Chaos bro is more versatile, I would choose that one.
Thanks for the replies! Sounds like I've been thinking about these modules in the right ways then.

The dual nature of the dreamboat seems so much more appealing to me (I'm always looking for modules that really cram the features in there...), but the controllability of the chaosbro sounds more in line with what I'm after. I wish the dreamboat was a bit wider and held the chaos bro as its lower osc... love

Think I'll be going way of the bro this time... but sounds like I should plan for a dreamboat in the future anyways!
Trigger pulled on a chaos brother! It's peanut butter jelly time!

Watching snazelle's YouTube demos on infinite loop until it comes in... hyper
I never had any experience with the bro, but the dreamboat was my first module and i'm not sure I could do without it! it really adds a snazzy snarl!
So I've had several months with my bro now, and "super bromance" would be a very appropriate term to describe our relationship. Its a great module to stuff full of cables and drive the entire rest of my system into madness.

GodMadeUsFonky - I definitely agree about the controllability of it; it is indeed very easy to dial in sweet spots. It sometimes feels like I can't find what I'm looking for but instead get something far better than what I wanted in the first place. Good module for a pessimist I suppose.

thorncore - Its certainly a little "fast" for LFO use for me; prob on the order of around 1hz for its slowest rate. Perfectly useable at that rate still, but would love one that could get down to 10sec+ cycle periods.

Overall I feel like this guy met my initial criteria quite nicely. In particular, the gate out is very usable and the cv in is exactly what this sort of module needs for my use. I find the smooth out very nice too although I wish the "unsmoothed" end was a little "rougher".

I think another bro or db would be nanners nanners and is most likely going to be in my system eventually.
adamon wrote:

I think another bro or db would be nanners nanners and is most likely going to be in my system eventually.

thanks for the info on the Chaos Bro bro(sorry),

I have given it a lot of thought and reckon that if I was using my small modular for more tempo sync based work then the Chaos Brother would be an essential purchase.
I find my rig getting used for more 'generative' stuff these days and am more likely to get another Dreamboat.
Mind you having one has consumed half my life this year ,two might just be too much chaos zombie

Oh and one quick tip...if anyone has a Korg Monotribe plug the gate out of the DB into the sync and get some awesome chaotic clocking action.
I've made a demo of sorts of the chaos brother and sync of chaotic oscillators in general.

It would be really interesting to have the equations for this system for the purpose of simulation.
oberdada wrote:
I've made a demo of sorts of the chaos brother and sync of chaotic oscillators in general.

It would be really interesting to have the equations for this system for the purpose of simulation.

Quite interesting!
wonderful work!!!

if you PM me i can give you some more detailed info on the chaos brother

I've sent you an email, and yes, I'm very curious about the details.
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