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CGS51 weighted random switch + cgs55 analog switch matrix
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Author CGS51 weighted random switch + cgs55 analog switch matrix
I have been reading the cgs descriptions and cgs yahoo group and checking out the bridechamber panel and I think I finally start to understand what these modules do... Just one thing still bothers me: What are the input knobs on the bridechamber panel for, are they for the separate mixer or attenuators for the inputs or what?
Got the answer from scott@bridechamber and it is indeed just the attenuators for the switchmatrix inputs.
the bad producer
Just about to build my weighted random switch (on its own) just wondering if anyone else had done some spiffing panels to look at for ideas, not sure how to implement it yet...

(just thought I'd bump this topic rather than create a new one!)
zthee had some nice serge style layouts for this, maybe it can be found with the search function.... havent built my yet smile
Thanks for bumping this one. Been trying to sketch down a Buchla styled version of this combination. No luck so far though and the Bridechamber panel had me all puzzled.

EDIT: here's one example I found via search,
the bad producer
cool thanks, I've just had a look and couldn't see anything!
been a while, couldn't find the fpd file, so a shiny pic will have to do. this one is mated with the ASM so doesn't have the routing section
the bad producer
nice one andrew, thanks... errr, is that saint john being boiled alive? or someone having a bath?
old style detox? From memory; the king is being re-assembled after being beheaded and chopped to bits.
its from Splendor Solis
the bad producer
ahh, I see, thought it was a version of this...

the bad producer
finally figured out a design, basically similar to everyone else's!

see if I can get it working this weekend...

Can anyone explain what these modules do? Especially when linked together like on the CGS page...

and dumb it down as much as possible please smile
bump for the limpmeat question
When it receives a clock, the switch input will be switched to one of the switch outputs. This is a digital switch and will only switch gates or trigger signals. If you combine the circuit with an Analog Switch like the CGS55 you can switch analog or digital signals.

The probability of a certain input being selected is controlled by it's CV input.

The gate for a selected input goes high when it is selected.

The CV outputs are the distributed probability of the CV inputs. The sum of all the CV outputs stays constant. You can imagine it as

CV out 1 = CV in 1 / (CV in 1 + CV in 2 + CV in 3 + CV in 4)
CV out 2 = CV in 2 / (CV in 1 + CV in 2 + CV in 3 + CV in 4)
Therefore the CV outputs for say channel 1 is effected by the settings of the other CV inputs. If CV IN 1 is higher than all the other CV inputs then CV out 1 should be higher, but increasing say CV in 2 should reduce CV out 1 and increase CV out 2.
Bumping this old thread because I'm currently building these modules (linked) and I was wondering if someone could elaborate on how to wire the jack/pot combo on the WRS part.

The docs are a bit unclear about it...

Are the knobs wired as simple input attenuators or are they supposed to send fixed voltages in parallel to these CV inputs ? (as there are 4 x 2 pairs of inputs).

In this case, what would be the best way to wire these pots ? (considering the summed voltage is to be kept under a certain amount I suppose)

Here's my panel for it (the labelling needs some more work)

Thanks !
What's the advantage of having WRS and ASM wired separately ?
Or better to combine them ?
the bad producer
The pots on my WRS are wired between +V and GND - ie fixed voltages to affect the weighting.

Nice panel!
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