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AniModule DIY
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Author AniModule DIY
Question...In the quad comparator docs the threshold pots are tied to +V and ground. Shouldn't that be +V and -V? At least, that seems to be how other designs I've seen for synth use are built.

I combined my quad comparator PCB with a MegaOhm VCA rider and got this:

As you can see, I chose to normal the threshold pots to jacks, so that I can experiment with external threshold references. I think it will yield some interesting results.

Love the module so far, I've needed/wanted this functionality for a while.
That's a beautiful thing! love
You put me to shame appliancide oops
Is the VCA Rider connected to the Quad COmparator?
Or is it a two for one module?
Thanks for sharing nanners
I always wonder what happens to them when I send a DIY PCB out.

Yes, I connect threshold to +/- V.
When I posted write-up on it I hadn't tried it yet.

I love the normalled jacks too!
If I'da had a little more space I would add normalled jacks like you did and an inverted out for each channel

As I'm sure you noticed, my DIY section is a little rough and ready. I'll update that when I get the chance...
The circuits are completely separate, but the power comes through the VCA rider PCB, because it has the polyfuses on it. It's my only reverse-polarity protected module at the moment, so I almost want to plug it in backwards to justify buying the little PTC fuses!

My idea is to do a few modules packed with what I consider to be utility circuits. I'm also doing a very similar panel with a logicogic and vca rider sharing a panel. That way I didn't have to change the bottom part of the panel. Mr. Green

I think a fully pimped out comparator module would be useful to a few people, maybe you could do a limited edition version.

I wish I had included your new little pixel demon dude on my panels. d'oh!
That's slick.
If you plug the QC in backwards you'll get smoke.
It's as easy as swapping out the fried ICs to fix it though.

It's a nice setup. All you need is some noise sources and a few modulators and you can can have the Wildest rhythm machine Money CAN'T buy thumbs up

The AniModule Lil' Monster is a new and welcome addition to my staff thumbs up

I'd be happy to send you a jpg or gif or whatever if you like.
That VCO looks sweet. I might have to pick up a PCB from you at some point. I'm only set up to etch aluminum right now, and I haven't quite mastered that yet, though I am encouraged by my first experiments. I'm almost confident enough to do a panel...

Are still doing all of the panel and pcb engraving yourself?
Just checked out your blog
That Octopus is awesome love

If you can etch aluminum you can etch a pcb.
The copper clad boards don't boil and spit near as much as the aluminum.
I've never etched aluminum, but I've thrown a chunk in to a mix of HcL and H2O2, and it was a wild ride hihi
Etching a PCB is tame compared to that.
But then you have to drill them d'oh!

I cut my Panels and my PCBs on my little CNC mill.
Then I Screen Print the panels.
The LM-VCO is my first Double-Sided PCB.
I'm using electrolytic etching with copper sulfate, salt and water. I would have to mix up a different etch to do PCBs, and I don't have those chemicals yet (ferric chloride and citric acid). I also just installed kicad, with the intention of being able to lay out pcbs and have them made for me.

Thanks for checking out my blog. I really need to update it more often! d'oh! The octopus is purple now.That was my first practice run, but it was also done with the goal of having something my wife wouldn't mind hanging on the wall.
I have a question on the LogicOgic. Does it need a 100uf capacitor? I don't see a spot for it.
I usually end up using a 10 uF cap.

It's just a smoothing cap for the Power.

It would go right above the power connector.
Ok, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something you added after the fact because it was needed.

Here is my LogicOgic/VCA combo. Like the last one, there is no interconnection between the two PCBs except for power.

Wow we're not worthy
I really like the layout on that.
Are those countersunk flat head screws?
That's Awesome thumbs up
My hat's off to you Rockin' Banana!

They are countersunk hex screws. I get them at McMaster-Carr. This module has 4-40 and the module next to it has 3mm. I used to only use 3mm hardware, but I wanted to try using hinged standoffs, which I can't find in 3mm.
I like the truck and the plane.
Whaddya got itchy feet?
Ute was the name of the front panel file for the first one and it just sort of made its way onto the panel itself. Ute is also what Aussies call el caminos and other half-pickup-half-cars , so I put one on the panel.

The plane on the second panel is a U2 spy plane, so that is just a really bad pun.

I do have itchy feet though...have you noticed where I live?

Mr. Green
I just looked it up. Seems like you got some good things going on there.

"For every 100 females there were 90.4 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 85.8 males." thumbs up

"Thief River Falls is home to the electronic parts distributor Digi-Key, one of the largest employers in the area, " It's motherfucking bacon yo
we're not worthy beautiful work, appliancide!

hmmm..... i think i will be ordering some diy pcbs from animodule in the near future...

Thanks numan7!

I just found a problem in the LogicOgic docs...the AND and OR labels are switched. I noticed it after the first one I built, but I figured the mistake was mine and fixed it without really looking into it. When I had the same problem again, I looked closer and found the docs to be wrong.
JRock wrote:
I just looked it up. Seems like you got some good things going on there.

"For every 100 females there were 90.4 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 85.8 males." thumbs up

"Thief River Falls is home to the electronic parts distributor Digi-Key, one of the largest employers in the area, " It's motherfucking bacon yo

The M/F ratio is pretty nice, but I brought my wife with me, so that does nothing for me.

2nd fact is why we live here in the first place, and yes, the employee discount is quite nice. I will miss it when I start my own business. waah
you got me.
I'm pretty sure it's as simple as swapping the ICs though.
They have the same pin out
They have the same input/output architecture as well.
I just swap the ICs.
You could put an XNOR in to one of the socects as well
Or if you find you need more OR gates or AND gates just double up.
I didn't socket them, but switching the wires around was almost as easy.

I do want to add an XOR gate as well. I was checking out some demos in the 5U forum of the SSL 5 pulser/XOR combo and was blown away by some of the sounds. I already have a 5 pulser, so I'm halfway there...
XOR Gates are great for rhythmic screwery AND they sound awesome too thumbs up
(Poor man's Ring Mod and all...)
I got some demos on this page
Unfortunately I've never reworked this for euro and the board is fairly enormous.
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