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Odd (unusual) "Stage 1 Output" condition
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Author Odd (unusual) "Stage 1 Output" condition
Have had issues in the past that I just haven't been able to chase down. I understand the "stage 0" bit, Oberkorn calls it ->16 meaning the next step is Stage 1 in both cases...

But here is the scenario:

Trying to utilize the Stage 1 Output of a Shift manager to trigger an analog drum trigger. The rest of the sequence is triggered by a Moon 563 which gets it's clock from a uStep. (uStep is on Time Buffer also)

When I allow the internal, Time buffer clock to drive Volt Stores, the Stage 1 Output always fires just a few ticks off (tick being a fraction of a quarter note). It varies based on the division that the Volt Store is running at but it always sounds like a late hit.

If I advance the Volt Store from a trigger from the Moon 563, the "Stage 1 Output" is dead on.

Two notes: the lights on the Volt store ALWAYS illuminate in time, it's just the Stage 1 output that is slightly delayed. The other note is that I'm not using the VoltStore voltage output, just using the Shift mgr functionality.

This may seem like a puzzle but anybody with a setup knows what I'm talking about. Note sure if my issue is some sort of mismatch between the time buffer and the Shift managers (I've heard discussions about different versions, I think?)

By the way I should also mention that I've connected up my Pamela's Workout to DinSync output of the Time Buffer as well and it runs 'in time' with the uStep.

Help appreciated.
Call me tomorrow.
Just of the phone with Suit (thanks for the time).

Turns out the problem is with my drum voice board which is (as you pointed out) expecting inverted triggers. So when getting what I was considering 'normal' triggers from my Pamela's workout or from shortened, (trigger'ish type) gates from a Moon 563, everything sounds in sync. But when sent more of a 'gate' (wider pulse) the issue arose.

Thanks for the help.
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