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Bass Vibrato
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Author Bass Vibrato
Hey I'm on the market for a good vibrato. Actually I only entered this forum because I was wanted to see what people had to say about the wiggler when used on bass. I have used the big muff in the past and my only gripe with EH when used with bass is that it seemed to thin out the sound. The fact that the wiggler has it's own tubes makes me think that I can get the effect (which I love) without loosing the balls. Theres got to be atleast one bassplayer out there who can tell me what's up. hmm....
Muff Wiggler
dude the big muff even removes some bass response from my GUITAR, i would not even consider using it on bass.

the wiggler is great though, i admit to not using it a lot on bass, but i certainly did, and it worked well.

everything coming out of that thing has balls...

but, only warning, it makes some noise as well. I kind of like that about it. But being a tube design, it makes some noise. Being an EH design, it makes some noise. Being both a tube design, and an EH design at the same time, you can really count on it making some noise.
dumpster score
Maybe you could rig up a whammy bar to your bass like the the guy from lightning bolt? That might lead to 12 minute songs based on finger tapping though..
dumpster score wrote:
Maybe you could rig up a whammy bar to your bass like the the guy from lightning bolt?

Like this? grin

This belongs to my bass player, Bret. It's fun.
How did he managed to fit so much 'ugly' into one instrument? hihi

BTW, the original post was from April...

Also, the Adrenalinn has a good vibrato in it. It killed my lust for a PN-2 (pan) and VB-1.
The LED markers are a bit much, but otherwise I think it looks alright.
I've definitely seen worse.
There is a shop in Shibuya that has guitars shaped like machine guns, and angels, and just about everything else you can imagine.
There is a whole lot of FUGLY in that place, but it sure is good for a laugh.
It is kinda awesome if you're in a comedy oriented band.
Wow, I totally disagree, I think it's a beautiful instrument - and don't knock the LED markers until you've played on a super dark stage (although I also thought it was a bit much when I first saw it razz).

His new Thompson bass is even sexier hihi
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