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ES-6 @ 96khz?
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Author ES-6 @ 96khz?
I know that the ES-3 and SMUX plugin can be used for 8-channel operation at 96khz, but can the same be done for the ES-6?
That's the plan but I've not done a plugin to support that yet.
hi short question to this tipic
i did a simple plugin within reaper to copy each sample twice to a left and right channel from a single 96khz mono signal... seems to work (with same toggle problem bc whats the first sample left or right .... will be uploaded to reaper forum soon.. have to test a bit more my 4 lines code) and i could use it for cv returning in to my pc. For audio i don't know ( produces some ripples at 48khz -58dBFS). for audio i would need a proper approximation technical is there any code snipped around somewhere to to a proper 48khz to 96khz up sampling ... i guess that's whats it is basically ... i already searched and get a lot from diploma thesis to math specification....i dont know.. for a simple tryout a simple c code would be fine to port to reascript ...

nevertheless i will try this weekend anyway to work with 96khz ...if i could not handle basic tasks bc of cpu power i switch back to 48khz ...we will see ...its not about the audio quality it just feels better in timing if i drive more synths on the same time via ES modules / midi interfaces whatever routing ...recording all in one shot was tighter than doing it in 48khz ..anyway i wil not start a discussion about whts better ... its just a nerdy try out smile
br widy
wow 5 years and no time to implement seriously, i just don't get it
come on Os, pull yer finger out! FUUUCCKKKK!!!
Yeah, I'm disappointed to discover there's no smux for the ES-6. That might have influenced me not to buy it, had I known, but it's not a readily available fact. You have to dig in this forum to find that out. Has it been on your to do list for six years? I'm sure it's a long list, but damn...
I'd also love to see a solution to allow the ES-6 to operate via Silent Way in SMUX doublespeed mode like the ES-3 and ES-5 so they can all operate together when my RME Babyface Pro is clocked at 96KHz.
I'm wondering if it's even possible for smux to happen on an es-6. At what stage would the multiplexing required to encode four channels of cv/audio from the es-6 onto two channels of a high sample rate ADAT stream occur? Wouldn't that multiplexing have to occur on the es-6 itself? Don't audio interfaces with optical ports ignore signals on channels 5-8 of ADAT streams when running in smux mode? How could you have encoding in a plugin for signals that the audio interface doesn't pass through its driver?

And if that's the case, then why say "it's on my to-do list" when you know perfectly well its never going to happen?

Or did you design the multiplexing capability for double speed encoding into the es-6 hardware seven years ago or whenever you designed it... and then just never actually made it work?

Oh wait... it would be a two part thing, wouldn't it? A firmware update for the es-6 to do the multiplexing, and then a plug-in to decode the multiplexed streams. So there's still hope that this may one day happen...

My advice and sincere hope: make this happen sooner rather than later. And also--if you can make the ableton cv tools implementation for smux and your expander modules better, you'll sell many thousands more units of es-5s and other expanders and es-6s to people like me. Personally, I would buy them all if I could use them with cv tools and with SMUX in a non-kludgy way, but right now it's not good enough.
I don't expect that the ES-6 would ever need do the multiplexing because I understand that its ADC doesn't support 88.2 or 96KHz sampling rates. (Neither does the ES-3's DAC). Most of this is just tied up in how ADAT works. I don't think the ES-6 was ever expected to operate at a higher sampling rate than 48KHz, but allowing it to integrate with PC ADAT audio interfaces that do could be a nice perk. Because the actual data rate over the ADAT lightpipe is the same bitrate either way, it's apparently possible to de-SMUX in software with some clever maths on the audio stream data, essentially the reverse of what Silent Way plugin is designed to do on the output side of things.

I think it'd be nice if ADAT audio interface makers gave you more control over whether or not ADAT is running at SMUX/doublerate if the master clock is, and maybe some even do.
I can tell you basically understand how it works, chromakey, so you must know that the process requires multiplexing to maintain channel count. 8 channels of 44.1/48 gets multiplexed into the 4 channel 88.2/96 smux stream--like the opposite of the SMUX process before it gets SMUXed, since we want the opposite of what SMUX accomplishes. but still have to jump through the SMUX hoops because that's how the interfaces work. For the es3, that multiplexing is handled by the SMUX plugin in Silent Way. But for the es6, the multiplexing has to happen on the hardware itself since the data has to be in SMUX form in order to be passed by the interface and its driver. So the es6 SMUX process will be like the es3 process but in the opposite with respect to what part of the process is happening in the hardware and what is happening in a plugin. I just had to think it through. But there will definitely be multiplexing happening on the hardware for this to work.
moodlab wrote:
But there will definitely be multiplexing happening on the hardware for this to work.

Unless I completely misunderstand how it works on the es3, which I don't think I do but it's possible...
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