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ES-6 @ 96khz?
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Author ES-6 @ 96khz?
I know that the ES-3 and SMUX plugin can be used for 8-channel operation at 96khz, but can the same be done for the ES-6?
That's the plan but I've not done a plugin to support that yet.
hi short question to this tipic
i did a simple plugin within reaper to copy each sample twice to a left and right channel from a single 96khz mono signal... seems to work (with same toggle problem bc whats the first sample left or right .... will be uploaded to reaper forum soon.. have to test a bit more my 4 lines code) and i could use it for cv returning in to my pc. For audio i don't know ( produces some ripples at 48khz -58dBFS). for audio i would need a proper approximation technical is there any code snipped around somewhere to to a proper 48khz to 96khz up sampling ... i guess that's whats it is basically ... i already searched and get a lot from diploma thesis to math specification....i dont know.. for a simple tryout a simple c code would be fine to port to reascript ...

nevertheless i will try this weekend anyway to work with 96khz ...if i could not handle basic tasks bc of cpu power i switch back to 48khz ...we will see ...its not about the audio quality it just feels better in timing if i drive more synths on the same time via ES modules / midi interfaces whatever routing ...recording all in one shot was tighter than doing it in 48khz ..anyway i wil not start a discussion about whts better ... its just a nerdy try out smile
br widy
wow 5 years and no time to implement seriously, i just don't get it
come on Os, pull yer finger out! FUUUCCKKKK!!!
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