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Flame Arpeggiator 2013 update, trigger in for Arp Bass X
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Author Flame Arpeggiator 2013 update, trigger in for Arp Bass X
beta test

Woah, Ebotronix is finally here! Welcome. I've really dug some of your videos. Insane system you have. we're not worthy
chordlist test

midi out test

damn, if anyone should be a beta tester it's ebotronix. modular master up in here. i love me some arp's. I set up my two ardcore's as raps, and also grabbed the bl cv arp.
thanks !
Paranormal Patroler
I've been totally waiting for this module to appear. really cool to see Ebotronix as its beta tester. Cheers for joining our group man! Welcome.
coming soon...
MODE - Classic: up, down, updown, downup
- Copy: up+down, down+up
- PingPong: up, down, updown, downup
- Fit Root: up, down, updown, downup
- Fit Octave: up, down, updown, downup
- Skip: up, down
- Inversion: up, down
- Ordered: up, down
- Random
- each: 1..3
- Alternate first: 1..3
- Alternate 2nd: 1..3
RANGE - 1..5 octaves
GLIDE - off, Portamento Time: 1..126
SEQU - Sequence phrases P01..P63
CLOCK - 1 Tick: 1/96
- 2 Ticks: 1/32 tri
- 3 Ticks: 1/32
- 4 Ticks: 1/16 tri
- 6 Ticks: 1/16
- 8 Ticks: 1/8 tri
- 9 Ticks: 1/16 dot
- 12 Ticks: 1/8
- 16 Ticks: 1/4 tri
- 18 Ticks: 1/8 dot
- 24 Ticks: 1/4
- 32 Ticks: 1/2 tri
- 36 Ticks 1/4 dot
- 48 Ticks: 1/2
- 64 Ticks: 1/1 tri
- 72 Ticks: 1/2 dot
- 96 Ticks: 1 bar
GATE - adapted: 1..8
- adapted random: 1-5, 1-8, 3-8
VELOCITY - Accent each: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9th
- Random: 1..127, 64..127, 76..127, 95..127, 112..127, formula
- fix: 127..1
SEQU-MODE - step by step, combined
SEQU-RESET - off, by arpeggio end
OUT-GATE - Sequence (Gate)
- Reset per Bar
OUT-CV - Out-3/4: Velocity
- Out-3/4: Chord note
sick help Guinness ftw! Dead Banana applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause
ebotronix! wow. welcome. and here i was assuming you just lurked under some other handle.

new flame is super-exciting. can't wait to see more. your demos are spectacular.
Awesome! applause

Glad to see you here, Ebotronix. I'm a big fan of your music & videos. we're not worthy

btw - you should go to this thread and request a custom text avatar. I'm pretty sure you already know how to wiggle:
Wow. These videos are incredible.

That thing looks nutts!

Synth legend up in this piece! Big fan. we're not worthy

Cheers for the run through.
Paranormal Patroler
Do we have any inclination on when this is becoming available?
available in Japan this week
in Europe July , USA ( analoguehaven ) August
Paranormal Patroler
Is it still 15HP as previously stated?
yes it's 15HP perfect with a TWF!
Paranormal Patroler
I've got it stacked right next to a Tyme Sefari with it's own odd hp so 15 is ok. Thankfully we're already in July so this comes soon enough. I love arpeggiators and this one looks stuffed; on the other hand Flame blissfully misses some points in most of his modules, so hopefully you'll go through it thoroughly enough to point them out.

Really looking forward to this one and the quad oscillator.
wow! want ant nt t
It seems like a very useful module, can´t wait to get one!
P01 Agerian
P02 Arabian
P03 Balinesian
P04 Blues major
P05 Blues minor
P06 Byzantine
P07 Chromatic
P08 Diatonic
P09 Dorian
P10 Double Harmonic
P11 Enigmatic
P12 Egyptian
P13 Hindustan
P14 Hungarian major
P15 Hungarian minor
P16 Japan: hira-yoshi
P17 Japan: iwato-yoshi
P18 Japan: kumoi-yoshi
P19 Japan: insen
P20 Japan: yosen
P21 Japan: ritsusen
P22 Japan: ryosen
P23 Locrian
P24 major Locrian
P25 super Locrian
P26 Lydian
P27 Lydian minor
P28 Major
P29 Major 6
P30 Major 7
P31 Major 7 b5
P32 Minor (Aeolian)
P33 Minor 6
P34 Minor 7
P35 Minor harmonic
P36 Mixolydian
P37 Neapolitan major
P38 Neapolitan minor
P39 Nine Tone
P40 Octatonic
P41 Oriental
P42 Overtone
P43 Pelog
P44 Pentatonic
P45 major Pentatonic
P46 minor Pentatonic
P47 Phrygian
P48 Prometheus
P49 Spanish
P50 Symmetrical
P51 Wholetone
P52 leading Wholetone
U01-U16 User scales
definetely the ultimate arpeggiator module!! SlayerBadger!
argh another module i need to buy meh
awesome demo ebotronix. I had not considered buying an arpeggiator but will definitely look into getting one now
Paranormal Patroler
Aren't there more than one symmetrical scales? hmmm.....
you have 16 user scales
midi out with 2x Arp Odyssey
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