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Beyond - new Wiard track (now with the track)
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Author Beyond - new Wiard track (now with the track)
well virtually all Wiard

Last year there was talk on the main or Buchla board about self generating patches so I thought I'd have a go. My first attempt had echoes of Stockhausen's Kontakte with blips and bleeps moving around in the stereo field at various tempos.

The second patch was much slower paced, using one envelator to tail chase another and creating 4 idedendent voices - one I think routed through a MOTM Ladder filter the rest of the voices remaining 100% Wiard, mainly 300 series.

I recorded the patch unedited and then had a second run through using slightly tweaked parameters.

I then added some further atmospheric sounds, mainly noise, wogglebug and noisering.

There are also a few staccato sounds which came from a vocoder (using the Wiard 300 as the carier) but the sustained groans and vocal sweeps are from the Waveform City - using the piano and mellotron banks rather than Bank 8.

The track is called "Beyond", I hope people find it enjoyable or interesting (preferably both).

As always thanks to Grant and Cary for making this possible.

Great, really enjoyed that, thanks for posting.
Great sound
Cool stuff, both enjoyable and interesting ;)
Reminded me a bit of Michael Stearn's desert ambient stuff, especially in the first few minutes. On top of some keyboards, Stearns used a Serge modular = similar philosophy to Wiard.
Another resemblance would be the ambient-style soundtrack for one version of Doom (the game), which featured lots of downsampled FM synth stuff = another parallel, I guess.
thanks guys,

drums, I think you are right - it had a touch of Stearns fellow traveller Steve Roach's "The Great Void" at the start.
chamomileshark wrote:
thanks guys,

drums, I think you are right - it had a touch of Stearns fellow traveller Steve Roach's "The Great Void" at the start.

D'oh! Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure I meant Steve Roach, and "Desert Solitaire" in particular. But I'll actually have to check my music collection on another hard drive to make sure. Anyway, I herebey solemnly bestow upon you my highest diplomatic medal of "The nicest way ever of saying 'er, I believe you mixed up two guys there'..." ;) Thanks!
Incredible as always. I love the depth of your production, you are indeed the tamer of all wogglebugs! we're not worthy

the trick is to show no fear and carry a large bullwhip.
well done !
sounds great.

could you explain the voices used in this patch a little further? classic VCOs, waveform city?
sounds like the tail chasing envelators are used on all 4 voices for each dub.. or are they different envelopes?
@ wavehead, I have 2 x Classic VCO 2 x Waveform City.

my notes were

"Beyond Patch

4 related single oscillator voices.

Heart is 2 x dual envelator – both with Gate 1 to End 2, Gate 2 to End 1, set AD or Cycle

Output of Envelator to Quad mixer CV.

Oscillators pitched by Sequantisers or both Sequantiser inputs to JAG and take different outputs from JAG to 1v/octave input.

Sequantisers stepped by simple square wave LFO.

All pitch CVs were lagged. "
chamomileshark wrote:

The track is called "Beyond", I hope people find it enjoyable or interesting

Gorgeous! Added to Wiard website:
hey Cary, thanks for that.

I have another Wiard track at mastering stage and I'll post that one seperately.
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