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Doepfer A-110???
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Author Doepfer A-110???
What is everyone's opinion of the Doepfer A-110???

I am building a system and have seen many negative reviews of these
oscillators. I realise that the Plan B model 15 and Livewire AFG's are
great, but how do you rate the Doepfer A-110? I am interisted in bass
lines and experimaental sounds? Do these oscillators have the guts to
do the job?

Let me know what you think...


That's a tough one! For 2-1/2 years I had been going to Analogue Haven testing out every new module that came out and always had the A-110's running into them in their demo system. problem is, I was so focused on what the other modules were doing I never really took notice of how the A-110 sounded. Guess it couldn't have been bad or it would have called negative attention to itself, nor great or I would have wanted one. Probably a good workhorse generic osc but not as warm as the Model 15 or interesting as other boutique ones. I'd get it over the A-111 Cem osc which I had and didn't like.
Chuck E. Jesus
i uploaded a very brief demo of the A-110 into the A-120 Low Pass Filter...i only added some digital limiting to compensate for the volume drop when increasing's sawtooth out, then i pull the plug and awkwardly switch to pulse wave with a little PWM via an LFO...sorry, not too great of a demo, i just wanted to give a basic bass bit to give you an idea how it sounds...

i think the A-110s get a bad rap, it's a basic analog osc and it responds and sounds like one...i really like the sound of two of them in unison, makes a lovely drift that says "analog synth" to me...unfourtunately, one of mine won't track correctly (it's like ten years old), and i haven't gotten around to attempt adjusting it again (i have the Cwejman VCO2RM now, made me a bit lazy)...

positive points: good sound, separate waveform outs...

negative points: limited range on the tune knob, you need another mod to tune intervals or do large pitch sweeps...not the most clinical wave shapes (especially the triangle and sine), but that doesn't bother me...

hope this helps...
Muff Wiggler
Sweet Ross! Thanks for posting this - and its good to see someone using the upload facility as well! w00t
Thanks Ross!

A demo is worth a thousand words...

Chuck E. Jesus
i see you are on the Doepfer list, there was some pretty good insight i believe...i think i'm going to do those mods mentioned, but i need to a magnifier light first, the old peeps don't work so well up close anymore....
Chuck E. Jesus
i was thinking: i'm going to do a better demo of the A-110 with overdubs, modulation, maybe a little fx and such (that other bit was pretty lame)...i'll post it the Euro demos thread, might take a day or two...i'm curious what i can squeeze out of it, might be useful for other down the line...
The A110 is a good basic VCO IMHO.

True it lacks decent modulation potential and the sync is not that great but for stability over 5 octaves pushing out 3 waveforms with VC PWM it's a good work horse, I have three.

I also have one A111, a Plan_B M15 - which is very sweet and an A Sys RS 90 & RS 95.

For the price it aint that bad.

Chuck E. Jesus
finally got around to the A-110 demo, it's in this thread
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
I have 2 high end VCOs and I like em a lot.

not as "fat" as my planB model 15, the high end vcos sound a little more precise and clear. Not cold or sterile though imho.
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