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Replacing knobs on a vcNoiz ?
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Author Replacing knobs on a vcNoiz ?
I just got a vcNoiz recently (plugged it yesterday), and I like it a lot. just as I expected smile.

I only have a tiny system so far and it's not going to grow too fast but I'd like it to have a more or less unified look. I already have a Maths and an Optomix and I really like the knobs Makenoise uses so I'm thinking of buying one or two dozens and replacing the knobs on some other modules when I get them, if possible.

So, two questions :
- is it possible to replace the vcNoiz's knobs with the ones Makenoise uses ?
- what's the best way to remove the knobs ? The pots are not bolted to the faceplate so I would probably have to be extra careful... What part of the module should I hold onto if I try to remove the knobs, etc. ?

I've been wondering about this too!
The pots used in the vcNOIZ are PCB mount ones with D-shafts, this means the knobs are just pushed on the shaft. The problem with D-shaft knobs is that they tend to stick quite firmly on the shaft, hence you need to apply a lot of force to get them out. It's not a problem if your pots are bolted to the front panel, but I would be careful with the vcNOIZ, since there's only the PCB holding them and that one bends a lot when you try to pull the knob out.
I don't know much about the Make Noise knobs, but my guess is that they're just the same D-shaft type. The pots are PCB mount ones for sure, and pretty wobbly ones at it...
Hey Oscillateur,

I have no idea what knobs Make Noise uses! Sorry!

The ones used in vcNOIZ are d-shaft 6mm pots. You might want to ask Anthony about the pots he uses in his modules and if they will work.

Removing them is quite easy. They are simply pushed onto the module. The best way is to very carefully take a hard flat edge of some sort (a flat blade screwdriver works), jam it under the knob and pry upwards. Do this slowly and gently and they will come off no problem! I do it lots.

Good luck! smile
Regarding removing press on knobs:
Using something thin to protect the panel face is a good idea too. I use an out-of-date driver's license and approach the knob from several angles to alleviate strain on the pot shaft. Depending on the knob, i sometimes also put a small wire between the screwdriver and the license to use as a fulcrum.
If you do it a couple of times, you get really fast at it.
Sorry, didn't think it went through... very frustrating
I would maybe put a small clamp or some pliers between the pot and the faceplate (between the panel and the PCB) to prevent bending the PCB too much
use a credit card wink
works fine
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