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Ring mod battle!
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Author Ring mod battle!
I want a new stand alone ring mod pedal.
I had a Moogerfooger ring, but it just didn't get crazy enough for me.

So after searching and deliberating, I have it down to the Lovetone Ring Stinger and the Pigtronix Mothership. The Lovetone has a fuzz built on and sounds F'N crazy. The Mothership is cool as hell, has a VCO, sub VCO and the ring mod is trackable!

Can anyone chime in on these two, or any other ring mod that has that truly outlandish 70's sound?
If you are dead set on punishing your self with the driver installation and firmware upgrades I recommend a Yamaha Magic Stomp. You will maybe find a bunch of bad reviews but maybe because how fucking tricky it is to use. Once you work with it and figure it out you won't want to get rid of it.

Google it and check out the effects. The editing can be real natural to really out landish. It has ring mod patches you can use as a base and do some wicked editing. It had a short run but you can find one for around $160 on eBay.

I have a leaked software/firmware file package from a Yahoo Group that allows it to have the bass pre-amp, acoustic effects, and electric guitar effects, and it also unlocks the pedal based editor. Nice fail on Yamaha's part for not doing this from the get go.
Pockets McCoy
I was thinking WAY too hard about picking up a Ring Stinger about a year ago...WAY too hard. I mean, I'd be all over it if Lovetone was still around and the pedals weren't selling for the prices of kidneys, although the Stinger definitely makes life with one kidney seem like a better and better idea. If those are the two you're looking at, though, I think the Stinger's definitely the way to go, provided you can find one. The Mothership's pretty attractive (and that trackable ring mod feature seems pretty damn nifty), but not enough for me to spend that kind of money on one, ESPECIALLY when that pink wedge is staring me down and begging to get in bed with me.

Also, the Mothership probably doesn't have nearly the "outlandish, 70's sound" that the Stinger does. The Ring Stinger uses a transformer-and-diode-ring circuit, so it's a "real" ring modulator, while the Mothership, I'm fairly certain, is chip-based. As a result, very few things are going to sound as deliciously dirty (and by very few, I mean try sticking a CGS Real Ring Mod or a ModDemod in a pedal enclosure with some supporting circuitry, and that's about the only other thing I can think of that'll get you there), especially since the "octave fuzz" on the Stinger is actually the result of using the input signal as both the carrier and modulator signals, and while you can do that with any old ring mod, a "real" one has a certain character to it that just doesn't really come through with any other implementation. thumbs up
my old moogerfooger ring mod was also trackable. sold it, but definitely tracked it. no sub but built in vco/lfo and of course the ring mod effect. that isn't what you want to hear though.
You gave me a thought!!!

Can a ModDemod BE pedalized????? w00t!!
Pockets McCoy
Absolutely...just figure out what else you want to include. Obviously you'd need a VCO (well, not necessarily voltage controlled, but I mean, look what forum you're on, why NOT voltage control something if you can?) for the carrier (but I'd also include the option of an external carrier), some kind of LFO if you want that part of the Stinger, a preamp for the input signal (preferably with a healthy amount of gain, for overdrive/fuzz-tasticness), a buffer on the output, some kind of bypass circuit, and anything else you might want. Stick it all in an enclosure and you're good to go. If you want help planning it/any more info/general advice/what have you, I'd be glad to help out.

Also, with the ModDemod, you'd either end up letting half the module go to waste or putting together a double ring mod pedal (which would be fucking AWESOME!!!!). So I'd recommend the latter. Just saying...
Thanks man! This sounds like a really cool idea. I've never built anything like that!
Snarling Dog Mold Spore if you want a bugly pedal.
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
isnt the moddemod just 2 of these?

doesnt even have a power souce, easy to make into a pedal... but then you might want to add a VCO or something I would imagine.
I'd say *not* the mothership, but the catlinbread harmonic pixelator. I've got both, and I am just not that big of a fan of the ring mod on the mothership. Its very musical, which can be nice, but the pixelator can do the ring mod thing and a bit of grunge, and seems to cut through most other pedals nicely.
I hated the Pixelator. I wanted to like it so much, but it was really kinda a one trick pony on organs and EPs.
I spent the money, bought the MOOGY FOOGY RING FRUMPAHLATOR,
sorry I just couldn't resist, moogs ring modular sounds great.
not cheap $$$$ either
Frostwave Blueringer

2nd place Maestro (hard to find/afford)
get a modular synthesizer
MindMachine wrote:
Frostwave Blueringer

2nd place Maestro (hard to find/afford)

last time I was at Frostwave they had posted a vacation /break period.
I just went their and their hiatus is over applause

I would have bought a Frostwave but I did' 't know when they'd be back!

did you say get a modular synth , your'e right and I will do that as soon as my Guggenheim Fellowship comes through It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners thumbs up
any day now I can fell it I'm a winner. Dead Banana

look it's true, was true. d'oh!


I can’t remember how long I’ve been making Frostwave gear. At least twelve years.
And I don’t know how much of it I’ve made – but it certainly feels like a lot.

As a one-man business, I haven’t had a break during that time. And, with the exception
of a couple of minor glitches, I have managed to keep most of the Frostwave favourites
in stock all that time.

Unfortunately, a few external forces – family commitments & so on – have caught up
with me, and I haven’t been able to keep up with demand.

I don’t want to take orders when there is nothing on the shelf, so I have asked Ben who
operates the webshop to suspend operations for a couple of months,
to give me a chance to catch up.

I will still be able to answer any technical questions at .

If you want to be notified when Frostwave is ready to take orders again, send an email to
here and I’ll let you know when I’m back in action.

Paul Perry
oops double post
Yamaha did something very original imho in the way they gave their already good sounding poly CS series ringmod a super playable performance interface. I'm sure you could get something like it via patching modules so it's worth checking out their approach. Though I'm sure their lever-like sliders are part of the UI experience.
The Electro-Harmonix Frequency Analyzer is pretty dirty sounding and has insane bass with the filter off. The Mothership ringmod is cool but very musical sounding as said before. I still prefer the Moog over all the currently made ones.
My favorite was the Moog - very creamy. I also had a Lovetone clone which was nasty. Much more harsh and crazy - might be up your alley?
anybody try the eh 'ring thing' yet?
was looking at that one when i feared my (19") ems freq.shifter had died on me. luckily it was just a bad cable. phew .... and no, it's not for sale hihi

giorgio wrote:
get a modular synthesizer

+1 thumbs up
but that still leaves the question: which ringmod to get hihi
and esp: what to use as 'the other' signal. i like usually like my ringmod fairly sweet so i mostly use sinewaves. but also have one permanently patched between lead/melody and bass channel. mucho mayhem Trampoline
I've had and sold:

Studio Electronics Modmax Ringmod

The Studio Electronics was easily the most crazy and most usable.
Moog was the smoothest and seemed HiFi. Loved it as tremelo
Lovetone was the harshest and noisiest with the most carrier bleed.
Yes, the hard-to-find SE modmax is pretty incredible. I bought mine off this forum.
I guess I should chime back in in this.
I LOVE (a big raging one!) analog ring mods, but after everything I have bought and sold.... the EH Ring Thing is simply one of the most amazing effects pedals I have ever owned. They are useful in more ways than I ever thought. Incredible.
digitalganesha wrote:
I guess I should chime back in in this.
I LOVE (a big raging one!) analog ring mods, but after everything I have bought and sold.... the EH Ring Thing is simply one of the most amazing effects pedals I have ever owned. They are useful in more ways than I ever thought. Incredible.

I listened to a coupla' demo's and the thing can do some very cool things.
all in one pedal. EH Ring Thing is a guitar players crazy crazy
EH Ring Thing is a guitar players crazy crazy

Not exactly true, I don't play guitar!

For me... it's an organ/electric piano/string synth/monosynth's crazy crazy! thumbs up
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