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Plumbutter 2
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Author Plumbutter 2
Keep up people, new plumbutters thumbs up
Shhhhhh! razz
Yes people, move along, nothing to see here. (Still undecided). Although if someone in Europe want to upgrade I may purchase your old one. thumbs up
I like the block layout and the output cv.
Are the cv controls for mwrs gone and only pushbuttons?
Looks like the aux inputs are 1/8".

Some nice stereo movent it'll be with the avdogs!

And a picture to look at when scrolling the posts hihi

Crap... Thats all I needed... help something wonderful

Looks like something in the studio has to go...
Wow I need a cigarette after seeing that and I don't even smoke.
One day this will find a place in my studio. love
The music made with the plumbutter is like a genre itself. I love the work of kozz and chess team. Dan P's short video is great too. I think I have to order, I'm totally compelled by this machine and it's design.
the "genre in itself" thing actually worries me. I am very interested in this thing too, but the extant to which it always sounds like itself is concerning. Can it do "clean" for example?
richard wrote:
Can it do clean, for example?

not sure about "clean" (clean as what exactly.... or did you mean clean-as-in-vacuum-cleaner? hihi)..., but i do know that the Rollz5 can sound very mellow, depending on how you have it patched.

i really like the look of this PB version, btw. it sorta reminds me ancient egyptian hieroglyphics for some reason... hmmm.....

I'll bet the circuit board has been split into multiple boards, too. Better for maintenance. Peter can make changes to a board and it's less expensive to do those changes, since he can still use stock of the other boards. PB1 board is enormous. Only the mixer is on a separate board.

AVDog (VCO + VCA + ringing filter envelope generator) is 'stereo' on PB1, too. The red jack is the inverse VCA of the white one. Only the white one goes to the output mixer.
richard wrote:
Can it do "clean" for example?

I think you might be in the wrong subforum :p peter's instruments, even when they sound pretty, rarely sound "clean".

That being said I think the plumbutter is capable of making a pretty unlimited variety of sounds if one steps away from the most obvious patching paradigm of rolls -> drums -> modulating stuff, however it is a valid concern that most of the sounds that come from it have that plumbutter quality. I happen to like it, but understand if its not for all.

The new plumbutters are very beautiful grin
pugix wrote:
I'll bet the circuit board has been split into multiple boards, too. Better for maintenance

also makes it easier to combine parts for new instruments, like a plumbutter without deerhorn, but with coco (which i'd love to see). or similar things.
I have a tetrazzi and a sidrassi and my perception is that my tetrazzi can sound quite clear and pure but my sidrassi can't really - its useful area of the function is nearly all in the more noisy areas. I suppose what I mean by clean is that the Serge, Bugbrand and Cwejman resonant filters I have can all make a very satisfying sine-pong as well as getting a grungy as you like when uisng FM and crossmodulation. So I'd want to able to do something like that as well as glitching on a $1333 drumbox, however weird.

So I guess what I am asking is the plumbutter basically a highly complex glitch machine - or does it have other aspects too? Windspirit's "pretty unlimited variety of sounds" seems to suggest the latter thumbs up
I use the sidrazzi in the lower part of Kiosk mainly for feeding the Coco, it can be sound quite clear, those triangle waves beating each other often remind me of windchimes, it can be noisy and speaking the truth I prefer the touch nodes instead of the bananas, no Tetrazzi or Tetrax experience but from demos I hear it does sound more harsh than the Sid due to the saw waves

Butter, the gong sound is amazing plus the resonator, both fantastic in sound, would like a more lower freq response in the dog, no bleed in the mixer from each part when they don't get triggered but that's it, it makes a great instrument to play with, love it and speaking the truth new design don't match my taste, it looks like some kind of mexican food or salad
are you saying the mixer bleeds Pascal?
with nothing patched at the green trigger inputs both dog, gong and ultrasound filter bleed at the mixer, you can shut it down by pulling the switch of dog and gong at the middle (which is off) but on the filter you have to take the level down if you wish to have no bleed at all, can make some nice drone sounds this way though
Any instrument that can define it's own genre must be a good thing. It just shows the depth of the design. I am sure the PB is capable of clean, steady meter stuff, it's just when it's so intuitive to experiment you tend not to go that way. It's still a relatively new thing too. I'd wager that most users tend to plug and play and see what happens. More experienced users will be familiar with how each part works and therefore can vary their work on it. I suppose it might be up there with Serge in that respect, it is accessible in the way that it promotes experiment but beneath will be years of exploration learning the idiosyncrasies. I hope so anyway.
today I had a bass, mic, shnth, and soundplane running aalto going into the plumbutter all that was running through a dan echo pedal which was being modulated by the one of the rolls cv outputs.
Anyone in Berlin got a plumbutter I can twat about with for couple of hours?
It really does look like Mexican food...haha
meh mexican food in packaging labeled with egyptian hieroglyphics, ha! hihi

hmmm..... now that you mention it, buchla's panels sort of remind me of seafood - tunas and seabass! Goldfish

cookie?!?: hmm, i'm starting to get hungry!

@richard: i'd say your best bet for "tonal" stuff would be to mess around with the gongs. They are my favorite part of this machine and they surprise me all the time. Running them both on the same clock and messing with the divisions (manually or with CV) quickly creates some interesting polyrhythms. Dunno if that qualifies for "clean" but to me it is very beautiful, which is just as good grin.

Id say calling the PB a "drum machine" is almost a tongue-in-cheek joke by Peter, as it does so much more than just create rhythms but it makes what I guess one might call "drama", as in the rhythms it creates feel almost like a natural language or like someone's speech patterns. The drum nodes were originally conceived of as "reptile brain neurons" which is a great metaphor I think. Plus it's great to see people's reactions when they say "what the hell is that" and I say "its a drum machine." hihi
Yeah, despite the CV'able mixer being a nice new feature, I'm not crazy about the new look either (and having just bought a v1, I'm glad I'm not) wink
About cleanliness, I think it can sound pretty clean, but it's missing a big part of the fun
It could be nice when those modules would be available separately, being more modular, and building your own kiosk, or a wooden framework where you can slide the modules in w00t
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