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STILL working on the logged out and session timeout issue - have a couple new strategies I'll be trying over the weekend. We will get this fixed! Thanks for your patience and sorry for the hassle.

Miniwave bank select / 5v issues
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Author Miniwave bank select / 5v issues


I recently acquired a Eurofied Blacet Miniwave. There are a couple issues regarding functionality and I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered anything similar.

The first is that the bank select (manual and CV) seems to only be accessing 1/2 of the banks. Banks 0-1 are the same, 2-3, 4-5 etc. This is true for both PROM's.

The second is that when I switch from 0-10v to 5v everything seems to come to a slowed halt. It behaves erratically when in this mode, almost like there is a power drain happening.

Anyone encountered anything like this before? seriously, i just don't get it

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