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Favorite Euro Oscillator? (new post!)
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Your Favorite Euro Oscillator?
Analogue Solutions - vco/vco-sub/6hp vco
 2%  [ 3 ]
Cwejman - vco-2rm
 5%  [ 7 ]
Cwejman - vco-6
 5%  [ 7 ]
Cynthia - Zeroscillator
 3%  [ 4 ]
Doepfer - A110
 3%  [ 5 ]
Doepfer - A111
 0%  [ 0 ]
Livewire - AFG
 25%  [ 33 ]
MacBeth - x-series dual oscillator
 7%  [ 10 ]
Malekko - Wiard anti-oscillator
 12%  [ 16 ]
MFB - OSC-01
 0%  [ 1 ]
MFB - OSC-02
 1%  [ 2 ]
The Harvestman - Hertz Donut
 9%  [ 12 ]
Tip Top - Z3000
 7%  [ 9 ]
Plan B - Model 15
 9%  [ 12 ]
Analogue Systems - RS95/RS95E
 4%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 127

Author Favorite Euro Oscillator? (new post!)
more votes now
Karl Jeffers
I have experience with the A-111, RS-95 and X Series Dual Oscillator.

Most bang for buck is the RS-95, the basic waveshapes are very good. The tuning pot is great, with a switch for fine tuning and wide tuning. And ofcause CV control of waveshapes. I think I'm going to buy one more. Very good as LFO to.

I sold the A-111, because I needed money for the X series. Nothing wrong with it, has lin FM, exp FM, soft and hard sync. Good work horse vco.

And last but not least the X series Dual Oacillator. First the downside: It has lower level outputs than the RS-95 and is dc shifted, exept the sine and triangle. Where this thing shines is FM and cross modulation, that is something I've never experienced before. The ringmodulator is also glorious. It just keeps producing nice sounds. By far my most favorite vco.
I just realized that i voted without actually chiming in to offer my $0.02

For me based on what i have actually used it would still have to be the plan b M-15.
Sure its loaded with problems and doesn't track pitch as well as its competitors but omg do they sound fantastic, and they have the potential for serious sonic mayhem.

I really want to pick up a 4th one but i really am fearing what will happen when they eventually need repair.
When they do i will probably swap them out for the Macbeth x-series or cwejman vco's.
Out of the two i really preffer the macbeth even though it is very 'west coast style' compared to the buchla designs that spawned the M-15.
Then again, theres always the donut!
Triangle core VCO are not so numerous.

Is it that silly to design a single waveform VCO ?

=> Sine for fm
=> Triangle for waveshapping
=> Saw and square for animated saw / pulse width

I like narrow dedicated modules.
Humm, a small triangle core with just a nice sine out at 6 HP for exemple, yes I would like !
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
nomass wrote:
Hmm... I went for the ZO, but the poll seemed a bit unfair to the Anti-Oscillator since it's not designed to be a full featured oscillator.

what do you mean?

also, you live in DC?! applause
I voted for the AFG but that's only because it's the only oscillator I've owned. I have 2 of them and they're lovely.

I'm considering getting another oscillator. Maybe a Z3000 or an Anti Oscillator?
This poll is interesting, but I think it begs the question of what we look for in an oscillator the most (key word there):

A. Overall sound
B. General Features
C. Is capable of doing what no others can do
D. Tuning (<-my vote right now, I want my Korg tuner to loose it's job)
E. Richness
F. Variety
G. Noise Range
H. Resemblance of older synth sounds
I. Price to Quality
J. Other
Arggh!! I dislike polls almost as much as I dislike paypal. lol

~but~ I've succumbed... I have to vote for the MacBeth X-Series Dual oscillator!

#1 ...because of their sound (thick/rich/creamy/bold)
#2 ...because of their integration of FM,cross-modulation and AMAZING! ring modulation.
#3 ...and fun factor of ten-turn pots!
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