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Power Supply #3 FINALLY done! (sheesh!)
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Author Power Supply #3 FINALLY done! (sheesh!)
Well, I can't believe I actually managed to finish this one since it took me forever! meh It's excessively overkill and complex for what it needs to do and while I tried to make it really neat and tidy, it sort of looks like a mess to me! Dead Banana (and it's a really tight fit too, that Moog module is D E E P! MY ASS IS BLEEDING )

But, it's outputing the correct voltages for the rack it is to go in and I'm calling it done! +-15, +5, +-12 and -6 to power these modules:

Moon Modular M569 (needs +-15 [+5?])
Moon Modular M564 (needs +-15 [+5?])
COTK C1670 (needs +-15 [+5?])
COTK C1680 (needs +-12)
'Moog' 9504A (needs +12, -6)
(I may not of needed the +5 but, it's in there just in case)

Since there are so few modules I decided to not use distro boards and I'm just going to connect the module power cables to the euro barrier strips. (I don't plan on rearranging this rack for a long time either) As you will see, I used two seperate Power-One supplies plus a little DIY regulator board to get the -6v.

It makes it extra complex to wire up the Power-Ones and power inlet so that it can easily be switched between 115VAC and 220VAC but since I did it on the first power supply I built, I've felt obligated to do it on all of them (even though I probably will never take my synths to Europe and Japan etc and I plan on owning them until the day I die! 8_) ) Having two Power-Ones made this even more confusing and I kinda fudges on the fusing. oops But I just couldn't bring myself to cram 4 external fuse holders on the panels so, for 115VAC it should be fused correctly and for 220VAC it's . . .well . . fused pretty good I guess.

OK, here's the pictures so you will know it actually happened. thumbs up

Gettig the Power-One chassis' mounted to the rack panel. It's much easier, actually nessesary, to remove all of the gutz first:

Here's the finished baby!

Here's a detail shot of the -6v adapter board (I later changed out the LED resistor because I grabbed too high of a value initially)

The back side. I really I think this confusing mess could be better but . . . whatever . . meh

No big deal here, I just like how this picture turned out! Mr. Green

Just FYI: Heres a shot of the panel with computer annotations to indicate what all that stuff does:

I like the little feets grin nice touch.

I like the last pic too thumbs up

PSU Pr0n!!!!
Nice work John.
Roycie Roller
Looks great John! So, does it work by having matching banana jacks on your busboards, & basically patching it up for the required voltages?
That looks plenty neat. Good job!

even though I probably will never take my synths to Europe and Japan etc and I plan on owning them until the day I die!

FYI, Japan uses 100VAC.
looks nice john. but im afraid you're going to have to redo the whole thing because of that extremely sloppy wiring. sheesh!
btw, im really hot on the chassis ground banana plug dealie on my power supplies. solves all my loop problems
Guinness ftw!
Sir, you are braver than I. cry
Lookin good man thumbs up
Hey guys, thanks for all the positivity etc! It's peanut butter jelly time! love

Here's a little followup with some quick pictures:

For the modules that need +-15/+5 with DotCom connectors (COTK C1670, Moon M564 and the soon to be delivered Moon M569 hyper ) I harvested three of the module cables off of my QPS2 and attached them to the euro barrier strip:

Likewise, to power the models that need +-12/-6 with a COTK or Moog connector I just connected those to the other euro barrier strip:

Here is the back of the rack with the PSU monted.
I've done some updates to this power supply since I last posted so to catch up:

A few years ago I added half of a Cat Girl Synth Power Bus board to the 15/5 volt side of the unit to provide 4 plug in connections since using the barrier strip screw terminal was pretty fiddly and annoying. I can't find where I posted the picture or if I even took a picture of the upgrade. hmmm..... I recently removed it for more improvements:

I've had one of Analog Craftsman's acBus distro boards for a while (Thanks Tony!! we're not worthy ) and finally got around to replacing the smaller CGS board with it and removed the now redundant barrier strip.

I also added a DIY distro board for the 12 volt half since I now have 3 COTK modules with native COTK +-12v connectors. I left the barrier strip here because I still have the -6v adapter in there but I doubt I'll ever have another Moog module that needs -6v so . . .I should probably disconnect it until I do? hmmm.....

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