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Alternative Keyboards & Interfaces for expression update
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Author Alternative Keyboards & Interfaces for expression update
Bob Borries

Intellijel Planar (Eurostyle)

Grove Audio Joystick Controller (MoogStyle) ontroller-in-MU-Format

Synthwerks FSR4 Quad pressure sensitive sensors and more for eurorack.

Doepfer R2M midi ribbon controller

Eowave Ribbon 2 Position and pressure sensitive that can be hooked up to CV directly. (version 1 shown, many improvements have been made to the 2nd version)

Soundplane - This instrument is the most beautiful of the group and nothing beats the feel of real wood for expression. It has x, y and pressure for each key and can have multiple playable sections.

Eigenlabs Tau - 84 keys, pressure, x and Y lateral pressure scanning at 2000 samples per second.

Keith McMillen Instruments QuNexus - It's the cheapest of the bunch, but because it transmits it's data over slow midi, it might not be as fluid as the others. It does have CV outputs, so maybe it's faster. It's compact, has interface feedback and transmits pressure, location and velocity. It's a kickstarter project. controller

Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo Pressure, Velocity, and Location Sensitive, USB, 64 key midi note mode.

Snyderphonics Manta - 48 touch sensors in a 6 X 8 hexagonal array - each sensor can independently send both continuous control data and note-on/off events with velocity sensitivity simultaneously

Infinate Response VAX77 - It has poly pressure, that's it, but this is very rare to find theses days.

Ableton Push - It's tied to Ableton DAW software, but can communicate to outboard midi devices. It has 64 velocity and pressure sensitive pads.

LinnStrument- Not available yet, but it has pressure for loudness, Timbre in the Y axis and pitch in the X axis. It has multiple surface templates and scans very fast.

222e Buchla Multi Dimensional Kinesthetic Input Port

Buchla Music Easel pressure-sensitive�touch plate�keyboard (with 32 keys)

Continuum Fingerboard - By far this feels the best and beats everything here, but at a price.

The Dude FSR Box Two huge dual passive force sensing resistors on a box

Suit and Tie Guy Arch Angle Archangel is a 4-row 16-step analog sequencer with integrated 16-pad touchplate keyboard that's pressure and position sensitive. torder=asc&start=0

Roli Seaboard Putting the control of pitch, volume and timbre right at your fingertips.

CME Xkey Ultra slim USB keyboard with velocity, poly pressure and pressure sensitive pitch & mod buttons.

CME Xkey 37 key version

CME Xkey Bluetooth Wireless version

Miselu C.24 wireless music keyboard for iPad Velocity and Poly Pressure, wireless, foldable into an iPad cover.

C-Thru-Music's Axis 64 elocity sensitive MIDI controller with Harmonic Table note arrangement. There are 192 keys, so it's like buying three 64-note keyboards all in one.

Elby Designs ES-25 Touch Response Keyboard

Sputnik Multi-touch Keyboard Controller

Vebos Electronics Touchplate Keyboard

Pittsburgh Lifeforms KB-1

Novation Launch Pad Pro Midi Polyphonic Aftertouch & Velocity

CDM Hyve touch-synthesizer/

Expressive E Touche

AlphaSpere me oller-an-inexpensive-option-for-polyphonic-aftertouch/

Zoom Arq ts/arq-aero-rhythmtrak

Doepfer Touch Sensor Keyboard Prototype

Snyderphonics JD-1 Prototype

WMD Controller Prototype

Kong Nanokey Studio Wireless Keyboard with touchpad

And now... for a controller you don't touch at all. The Moog Etherwave Plus is a theremin with 2 CV outs for pitch & volume and gate.
Bob Borries
The iPad can't be overlooked for a great way to control musically useful techniques for analog synthesis.

All these apps hook up to midi hardware or though midi wifi connected to a computer for maximum musical expression. Some of these apps feature great sounding synthesizers, but the focus here is their ability to control analog synths through midi.

Lemur: Lemur is the world's best MIDI/OSC controller for iOS. Benefiting from nearly 10 years of development, Lemur is synonymous with multitouch music control.
More Info:
iTunes Store:

Logic Remote: Logic Remote is an iPad companion app for Logic Pro X on the Mac. Designed to take full advantage of Multi-Touch on iPad, Logic Remote offers new ways to record, mix, and even perform instruments.
More Info:
iTunes Store:

ThumbJam: Configuable playing surface with tilt sensing
More Info:
iTunes Store:

AniMoog: Great synth with touch position pads
More Info:
iTunes Store:

Sound Prism: Chord keypads makes it easy to find chord progressions
More Info:
iTunes Store:

Little Midi Machine: an analog-style MIDI step sequencer.
More Info:
iTunes Store:

Mode Machines MIDI Keyboard: Free Basic controller
More Info:
iTunes Store: 6?mt=8

Musix: Isometric Hexagonal Keyboard
More Info:
iTunes Store:

Orphion: Expressive Circular Pads that can be edited into custom layouts.
More Info:
iTunes Store:

Polychord: Chord progression player
More Info:
iTunes Store:

DM1: The iPad Drum Machine
More Info:
iTunes Store:
This looks like it has potential

Leap motion
omg. this is a beast of a thread.

Choose your weapon!!!!!

So much choice, and so much amazing technology.. I'd be wondering where to start!!!

I've got an Ableton Push ordered, so looking forward to trying that out.

Casio Dg20 for melodies too, nice controller.

Favourite has got to be Buchla I reckon!
Don't forget C-Thru Music's Axis controllers. Hex grid isomorphic keyboards. I use a pair of them rearranged into a jammer layout.
Genus thread w00t

Guinness ftw!
That's a lot of neat stuff.
just came across the best monophonic controller I have ever used, and it
brings into question the issue of monophonic and poly controllers and keyboards. has anyone found a distinction between the two uses and what works best?
I sure haven't tried too many different keybeds or alternate controllers, but
the monophonic Synton KBM35 CV keyboard with no velocity or aftertouch is the most expressive thing I have ever played.
It couldn't be done with pressure, velocity probably wouldn't help.
I don't always appreciate velocity, but the particular aspect
of this keyboard is the pitch bender, so to speak.
a pair of plates that bend up and downward, so to speak, under pressure. They behave somewhat like an ARP
proportional pitch controller, which I haven't had much experience with, I don't know the full range those had.
this setup is HEAD AND SHOULDERS better than the keyboard and ribbon on my old CS80. At least for my hamfist of thumbs in a monophonic context.
and especially with the resonant behavior of the Synton VCF, it
practically vocalizes. As I tied it into the filter cutoff of a resonant SVF and/or VCO FM/pitch, the keyboard became so responsive under pitch control I couldn't believe it. I expected the 3000 to be a non keyboard instrument like the Fenix, although recently realized it was the equivalent and then some of the Syrinx. This is the pitch bender and keyboard from that famous monophonic, and I think more of the magic lay next to the non-
sensitive keyboard. holy moley I never would have thought this would be the most expressive sort of keybed. ribbons and wheels are fun, but id say they are an impediment for monophonic voices. and I think there are distinct considerations to be enjoyed.
Therevox Guinness ftw!

The Therevox is underappreciated as an alternative controller IMO! I'll have one someday. Last I checked Mike was working on some plans for more CV inputs in addition to the existing CV out for the two touch controllers and the ring-'keyboard'.
Ctrl-F "Koma Kommander" not found.
I wish there would be somethin like a self contained (that means programmable) manta. that would be ace.
Actually, the Miselu C.24 is mono aftertouch - not poly as previously stated. I still want one for my iPad, however.
Nelson Baboon
Knas Polygamist hasn't been mentioned. I really like the ribbon controller on it. It sends out both midi and cv/gate.
Cool thread. I'm stlll holding out for the push, as I'd like some sort of grid setup with velocity sensitive pads.

The touchkeys looks really interesting. Being able to modulate vibrato with sideswipe, volume with x axis control, and aftertouch.

Wondering how you can go beyond three performance controls at once.
Most excellent reference thread. Must book mark. Must find more money must buy more thingies
much of the instruments have been posted, but this is still a good read-

I'm very much looking forward to his LinnStrument
"Slow MIDI"? Is that really a problem? The controller I built sends a few thousand samples a second!
This list could include the monome, theremin and the Percussa Audio Cubes.
MPC 1000 or 2500. Poly aftertouch, velocity, note cycling, CV in. May not meet note accuracy needs when using CV out.

I'm saving for a continuum, but more for the synth part of it.
Paranormal Patroler
Anywhere were we can listen to the continuum's internal sounds? It's probably the most expressive of them all.
very frustrating
need it
Hats off to you for this thread. Lots of new introductions to me, and some old friends.

The Walking Stick by Psionic Soundworks is a worthy mention.
A 500mm dual axis pitch/pressure ribbon controller, all wrapped in a lovely handmade wooden enclosure. Some nice knob action on it as well one to control the scale length and one to control pressure sensitivity.

Thanks for the work you did to present this, one of the most thoughtful threads ever.
No mention of Pressure Points? I'm surprised.
The Endeavour Note should be removed, since both the indiegogo campaigns failed in a big way (less than 5% of the goal was reached - I was a backer).

That wasn't a problem with the technology but mainly because the person creating the campaign was highly resistant to answering technical questions, posting updates, or engaging with the technical community in any meaningful way. There was also zero promotion once the campaign had started.

Sad, especially since that failure might put off more capable people from producing an afforable poly-aftertouch keyboard, but anyway, the first post in this thread should be updated.
How about this one?
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