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A word about Zerosum
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Author A word about Zerosum
I have known Zerosum for six years. For the past three years he has been my primary electronic assembler. He is a very, very good assembler, and is always on time. Obsessive, fanatical about details.

He is extremely reliable. Extremely. I have never seen a real, serious and legitimate complaint about his product quality or customer service. I helped him to design them. He works his ass off to make every module work perfectly before shipment. Each one is burned in for several hours and checked for functionality multiple times. If you want my opinion, I feel that Zerosum modules are better built than almost all other other MU or Buchla compatibles on the market. He spends a LOT of money on front panels, auxiliary hardware, and the "correct" connectors and knobs. Only the best available.

This is being brought up because I have heard rumors that a couple of users on this forum have been running a "whispering campaign" to try to defame him.

In my opinion, and backed by my experience, these "whispered" claims about Zerosum are outright lies.

If you are foolish enough to listen to those backstabbers, you do not have my sympathy.

Thank you.
I would like to add that I have known Brian for a couple years. I am very familiar with his module build quality. It is superb, and I strongly support his work. I have also observed exactly what Eric stated. He is meticulous in assembly, building, and design.

Brian is also extremely creative and reliable, and furthermore, he is a great guy. My personal experience is that he provides over-the-top, great customer service. The information content in his support emails far exceeds what I would ever hope for, so much so, that I learn quite a bit from our interactions.

I had absolutely no problem spending large sums of money on Zerosum modules in the past, and most certainly in the future as well.

In all sincerity,
decaying.sine (Brian S.)
I like zerosum.
We've done some business together. Always perfect and smooth from his end.
He gave me something that was super awesome, too.
I was being a sissy about the tube stuff and he had me send it back, then he assembled it for me!
This was a gift and he didn't owe me anything.
He's just cool like that.

The first time I met him was at a synth meet in Chicago. I really enjoyed talking with him. He has opinions on the modular scene that I could relate to.
I remember being disappointed that he lives in CA (I assumed he lived in Chi because he was at that meet).
I think he's a great guy.
I'd give him my seat belt in a car crash any day.
I dont know what the scoop is but let me just chime in to say Brian is one of the only people on this forum i'd take a punch for.
His modules are stupid awesome, i've meant to sing his praises a million times but shiny objects pass by my visual range and i forget to type words
He is one of the most passionate musicians on this forum. I love him.
rico loverde
Another here who 100% supports Brian. He is seriously one of the nicest guys I've met and his passion for his work is extremely high. It saddens me to hear that anyone would bad mouth him. Love ya Brian!!!!
well, i don't know him personally, but i run into him on here & he's ALWAYS fun & helpful.

defaming campaign...... seriously, i just don't get it wtf! not cool.

prolly just some jealous twats. f u Nutter! smack!
rico loverde
Another here who 100% supports Brian. He is seriously one of the nicest guys I've met and his passion for his work is extremely high. It saddens me to hear that anyone would bad mouth him. Love ya Brian!!!!
Brian is a great guy and a true friend! His modules are wonderfully built and worth every cent he asks for!

Brian, you and your modules are a real inspiration for me and my music! Thank you so much!
It's hard to believe someone here would take exception with Brian's character which I have found beyond reproach in the several years I've known him. And like Mr. Malekko, I find him quite lovable.

Underhandedness is shameful.
I for one love his modules and enjoy hanging out with him when ever I am up in his neighbourhood uber nice guy and a great builder of modules. When I get them I know they are made of pure quality awesomeo. I mean come on the erbus orifice that thing kills! He does just great work all around, His designs are like metasonix squared (no offence to Eric I buy your modules as well) they just take you further down the tube rabbit hole.

In closing awesome guy amazing modules whoever started rumours your a jerk!!!!
I can also say he's a great guy. I don't have any of his modules but I have a fucking fucker he built (not an easy task!) and have bought used things from him and have had many great messaging conversations with him. He's one of the good ins so far as I'm concerned.
Thanks guys.
It is good to have references from people that I have worked with and dealt with.

I got some cool stuff in the works that I really look forward to getting into your hands and synth rigs! It's really rewarding to be part of your music making experience.

I'll be getting a job in the future so that I can further the build projects along and improve some things on the "front end" of the business.
Just want to pitch in that I've been using some of Zerosum's modules for some time now and all I can say is that they are awesome... Really cleanly and well built, does what they are supposed to, mayhem and they, in fact became regulars in my modular usage! Brian even put my band's album in his forum's page!

I've ordered a EO this year, took what between 3 and 4 weeks and it was here... That means crossing the prick line, AKA, Canadian customs... razz

Over that I've kept an occasional to regular correspondence with Brian and all I can say is that he genuinely care about music, about his modules and the modular world in general!

I hope all this childish nonsense will be gone by tomorrow morning now wink

Good. Plenty of love. Thank you, gents.
I just wanted to post up again, my post got deleted in the crash. Zerosum is an incredible builder, with a heart of gold, the nicest guy I've ever met and extremely helpful. I can't wait to see what you come up with next SlayerBadger! hihi hyper applause
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