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Rashad Becker album
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Author Rashad Becker album
Wow. Sounds pretty modular, maybe(?), and very great.

Samples: -notional-species-vol-i
Just bought this today ... fantastic!

Definitely modular, but he seems to have processed some of the modular audio (timestretch etc.).

Not surprisingly, considering his engineering & mastering background, the SOUND is incredible, and spacious as h*ll.
Wonderful record. This is what modulars are for in my world.
Great !
Thanks for the link
i have seen him perform live and he was GOOD!
can't wait to buy this record.
oh and he was not playing live with modular.
What WAS he playing live with? Do you know?
absolutely fantastic record. best i've heard in a long time.

He's in the July Wire. I checked the thumbnail of the issue online and spotted an S1, a Schippmann filter and if i'm not mistaken that's a Shure Auxpander matrix mixer beneath it.

call me eagle eye;)

Will probably buy a copy tomorrow.

live i've seen him use nord micromodulars and a boss rc50 looper.

he had a korg electribe with him for sure but i can't remember anything more.

great video.
Marvellous video! Seems like he's got enough new stuff for another release already. wink
It is almost orchestral in approach this record. Quite primitive, brutal, overwhelming. Definitely brings something rather personal and new to the table.
Really liking the album as well, sounds so very organic and mesmerizing.
Yeah this is great! Been waiting for it since reading that Wire article and it isn't disappointing. Very pointy! Fencing
Awesome, thanks for the heads up It's motherfucking bacon yo
I think he's been involved in mastering all these GRM reissues. Some influence from there perhaps.
Love this album. Keep returning to it.

digidandy wrote:
Definitely modular, but he seems to have processed some of the modular audio (timestretch etc.)

There's a fact mag interview where he says it's mostly an Xpander, Waldorf Microwave, and some Cwejman. In that order.

narwhal wrote:

Can anyone make out what he's using here. Looks like a minibrute... but what else?
Got this record right when it came out. Interesting sounds throughout, I keep coming back to it so it's definitely made an impression on me.
Rashad came to our AUXXX concert last night so I took the opportunity to ask him exactly what he used on the record. He told me:

Oberheim Expander
Waldorf Microwave
Nord Modular (G1)

I didn't get the chance to ask him about software. I am surprised, there are some envelopes on there that made me think I was hearing a MATHS

So there you are (nice fellow by the way)
Thanks Richard! Making me kind of miss my G1 wink
yeah, actually the reason I didn't ask about software - or get to discuss mastering with him (which I would really like to do one day) is that we both started effusing about what a great synth the G1 is hihi
thumbs up Great video. Here is a great read on his thoughts on mastering from 2008, I was just reading it over somebody's shoulder. He's mastered some of the best experimental releases over the past few years!
I need reminders like this every once in a while...its talent, not gear that makes for a compelling listen!!! I'm always looking for the newest coolest thing to fill that hole where my talent and creativity reside seriously, i just don't get it
great vid thanks for posting thumbs up
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