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Silent way calibration with fireface 800
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Author Silent way calibration with fireface 800
Hi there,

I am trying with no success to implement Silent Way pitch with my Dotcom system.

here is what i get:

I have tried almost everything: phone outputs, different levels outputs, calibration with the sine wave directly in the Fireface, from the vca, differents ranges etc... very frustrating

- I have some vcos with crs option, who are perfectly tuned and works like a charme with my midi to cv converter (doepfer mcv4).
- i am on a mac pro with live 9.0.5 + Fireface 800 (wich rme saysit is DC coupled)

Please help! we're not worthy
You should be plugging one of the 8 analog outs from the Fireface to the 1V/oct in on the VCO. The VCO output (try a sine) should be going directly into the Fireface.

In your DAW, route audio so that the pitch is output from the analog out connected to the 1V/oct input and the input on the Fireface that is monitoring the VCO is routed directly to the plugin. Make sure monitoring is on on that channel.
Fairly sure the ff800 is not dc coupled.
The Fireface 800 page shows this under tech specs:

Output DA: 8 x 1/4" TRS, servo-balanced, DC-coupled signal path. 1 x 1/4" TRS unbalanced
Yes, that's misleading. DC coupled signal path is not DC coupled outputs.
Oh, good to know. In that case lowacid, your best bet is to grab an ES-1, ES-3, or ES-4.
Many thanks Os & Oldstench for your helps 8_) .

>> i have tested almost everything for 2 days now woah
Only gate and lfo plugins are working with ff800 outpouts, whatever cable types, outpout levels, headphones output etc...

So effectively an ES-3 is the only solution to use Silent Way with FF800.
lowacid wrote:

So effectively an ES-3 is the only solution to use Silent Way with FF800.

Yes, but I can attest it works quite well. I seem to recall that the headphone out is DC coupled, but I could be misremembering my early experiments with computer to modular interfacing. Even if it does work, you will soon wish you had more outs!
It's just the FF400 headphone out. Apparently, the "coupling capacitors"(Ggl Translate) were left off the FF400 headphone out due to the size.

That's ok. There are two adat outs on the FF800, so you can have 2 ES-3s. twisted You can add an ES-4, as well.
Old thread i know but thought i would chime in so any other sorry bastards like myself can save alot of time by realizing that the Fireface800 can not provide a constant voltage from the DC Coupled headphone output.

Only LFO Gate/Triggers work

Anyone prove me wrong ?
I hope so
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