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Any Reviews Yet?
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Author Any Reviews Yet?
I'm certainly not going to pester Jason until Sept 1! After that, all bets are off! lol

But when any of you get your copy, it would be nice to hear about it, and what you think of the film. I'll be curious to see whether the average rating will be 10 or 11 stars! hihi
s o l v e n t
To be honest not a whole lot of them have physically shipped. I think it'll be another week before a lot of people begin to receive them. I have about 1500 of them here packaged with shipping labels attached, and will be dumping these at the post office by the end of the week.

I've received a few glowing reviews personally so far!
s o l v e n t wrote:
I've received a few glowing reviews personally so far!

I'm sure you have. As we all get to watch IDOW, I encourage everyone to post their reviews at Mr. Green
I've been watching all the videos on the IDOW site every few days in anticipation for this film. I haven't been this excited for a film in years.

Kind of reminds me of the feeling I used to get when new skate videos would come out in the 90's and by no means am I comparing your fine film to a skate video.
s o l v e n t
-- Posted this to IDOW's Facebook yesterday:

Here are a few excerpts from personal reviews we've received, all from electronic musicians who had yet to take the plunge into modulars. WARNING: it seems to be having this effect!

"You really outdid yourself putting this together! I can't wait to watch it again. Amazing! Oh, and btw, I'm getting a modular now, lol."

"Now because of you i'm on dreaming of buying one of those monsters lol"

"'My one criticism would be that it was too short! It left me wanting a lot more! I even ended up at Moog Audio today and was checking out gear!"
I consider myself warned! lol
I just watched my copy today! Hats off to Robert and Jason for making this happen. Great job!
I think my favourite bit from the 1st viewing is the girl from Big City Music talking about the walls of synths giving her nightmares lol
Just got my HE this morning It's motherfucking bacon yo

The included swag is lovely, especially the sexy prints booty wiggler

Was planning on getting some work today, but now screw that, it's time to
fap fap fap...

Stoked. Thanks so much for making this!
Wow. Can't wait now that these are shipping. Good to see.
The mailman delivered a wonderful package to me today. w00t

And, as jarcarbo said, some great extra swag with the disc.

I know what I'll be doing tonight. It's peanut butter jelly time!
s o l v e n t
Started new threads:

I got my copy of "IDOW: Hardcore Edition" !

Here's my review/thoughts on IDOW: Hardcore Edition
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