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What's the most versatile VCO?
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Author What's the most versatile VCO?
My apologies for not being able to find a similar pre-existing thread.

That said....

The MakeNoise DPO looks nice but are their others I should be looking at/considering? I'm not looking for anything specific, just functionality that lends itself to "outside of the box" thinking.

Intellijel Rubicon and a Dixie to modulate it. Amazingly varied tones. Utter stability. thumbs up
IMO calling the DPO just an oscillator is a bit mean to the rest of them, as it contains quite a bit more than just that.

But there are plenty of other options out there though. For a similar price you could get a few seperate modules that would easily compete with or outdo the DPO in terms of versatility.

Really the king of versatile oscillators in my opinion has got to be the Zeroscillator. It has Quadrature outputs, Thru Zero capabilities and possibly a few other things that the DPO can not do (?)

Although you might have a hard time finding one.

People will probably recommend the Rubicon / Dixie / Ufold combo

Which also would have through zero FM capabilities.... but would be lacking a few VCA's in comparison to the DPO.
Cyclebox II has endless options IMO.
Couldn't agree more re: Zeroscillator.just an amazing device.
I've found that a module's versatility is comparable to how creatively you patch something. It's the sum of the parts, not the parts individually.
I mean I've heard some amazing stuff from people who didn't even have any true oscillators in their system at all...
causticlogic wrote:
I've found that a module's versatility is comparable to how creatively you patch something. It's the sum of the parts, not the parts individually.
I mean I've heard some amazing stuff from people who didn't even have any true oscillators in their system at all...

Very much agree, self resonating filters can be so beautyful + some ringmod
The Hertz Donut deserves a mention.Lots of non standard i/o options.
Great for bread and butter stuff but also a good source of 'outside the box' madness.
All of them.

Huh, what?

I mean, many oscillators can make sounds that others can't. If there was one universal versatile vco (or anything), we'd all have it, and oops there goes half the fun of modular: diversity.

So the correct answer is "Maybe".
I'm a big fan of the mfb osc-02 with the mixer osc expansion. It's really just three fairly standard oscillators but it has a lot of modulation possibilities ranging from the mundane to the wild. Fairly cheap too which doesn't hurt.
AFG zombie
Though I haven't taken possession of it yet, I'm leaning towards the new Mutable Instruments "Braids" osc to be the most versatile...??? Time will tell...

Out of all the ones I've had / have (ulfo, afg, hertz donut, piston honda, e350, z3000, dixie, rubicon, a111-1, mfb OSC02, dpo, cyclebox 2) if I had to keep only ONE osc it'd be..............................

Cyclebox!! thumbs up

Does TZ and non-TZ FM, osc sync, works as a demented lfo, can be used as two completely independent oscs, some modes even have a 3rd osc as a sub, wavetables, percussion mode, waveshaping, and literally hundreds of other mental variations produced by flicking it into its other modes. Astounding!

Admittedly you could pick holes in it - lack of interpolation between the wavetables, gnarly waveshaper etc.... - but it is way more than the sum of its parts. It also makes an astounding lfo, and the waveforms are clean and clear if you simply wanted a nice sine or square...
I would say the DPO is one of most versatile osc out there because of all of the waveshaping capabilities. Not a bad choice.
Malekko Wiard osc / anti osc combination.
malekko combo with a vca in between is really awesome. you can do waveshaping, phase effects, and all the kinds of modulation. Anti got 3 waveshapes circuits.
evs wrote:
Malekko Wiard osc / anti osc combination.

This is what I have and I get new sounds out of them every time I sit down with them
synchrodyne+expander is pretty darn complex......
Malekko Richter combo for me.

Helps that both can double on LFO duties when I don't need their sounds which defines versatile for me.
Shout out fr Tiptop Z3000 mk2. Perfect fr classic analog VCO duties, but w/ wave shaping and FM to get weird. The screen is rad as well, good sync w/ the HSM, overall very flexible!
I agree with Poldark that the mFB OSC-02 is fun and cheap, but as a core osc. it misses too many bases to be considered as your prime choice.

I think the OSC-02 is a wonderfull addition to a larger system, since you can generate triads quite nicely and get some movement going on, as Poldark says, for little money. It is tricky to tune accurately, which doesn't mater much when you just want to generate chordal texture... but is a right royal pain if you want this osc. playing up front as your main voice.

So no...hold this one in mind for a fattening oscillator later.

Personally, I don't (at the moment) have a 'monster' complex oscillator, despite having a filled 27u. I have a Z3000, two dixies (mk2) and a dual wave, along with a Morphing LFO which can do very nice bass duties...oh and a uLFO which is nice but does not track that great over a few octaves...but then again it isn't mean to. Also the above mentioned MFB unit.

I think that since I have the two Dixies that I will take a plunge and get a Rubicon when available and funds allow d'oh!

You might get a lot of milage as I did, by having some great basic oscillators that can all work together to give PWM, FM and a variety of waveshapes?

With the z300 and dixies I can get some very complex textures...and have multi-thread sequences / happenings going on, rather than being limited to one complex voice. all IMHO and YMMV, as they say.
MATHS! Dead Banana
As you see there's a whole bunch of complex oscillators to choose from.

I'll also add the WMD PDO to the list, lots of timbres to be had from it.

Another approach to consider is taking a relatively simple oscillator and processing it into a more complex waveform.

The WMD Geiger counter is perfect for this sort of thing and there's lots of other processing modules in Euroland.

BTW I wouldn't be so down on the MFB triple oscillator. It was the first real oscillator I got (actually as part of a Kraftzwerg) and I used the oscillators in combination with each other - one or 2 to create the sound and the other as an audio rate modulator. You can make a huge range of sounds this way.
Hi not down on it in any way ( I got one!)...just saying perhaps not the best choice when comparing with the feature laden Rubi and DPO.

Lots of love for it love
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