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my drummer's working on an electronic/acoustic rig
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Author my drummer's working on an electronic/acoustic rig
if you ask me, this looks like some serious shit is gonna go down:

it's still in development, he's working songs up etc, and he's going to come over and record the first week of november. i'll post some video/audio/etc then.

basically, the TrapKat is there to control the RADIUM and start/stop on the drum machines. however "basically" covers an enormous amount of surface area. he also wants to do this without a laptop in the vicinity whatsoever.

he's got sliding shelves on the way for the drum machines, and we're trying to sort out a rack mixer which is appropriate. it'll either be the Rolls 1U or a used Mackie LM3204.
Soy Sos
My brother and I played together in a Reggae band for years. After many years of experimenting he settled on a CAT controller and an ASR-10 combined with his acoustic drums. The CAT was rock solid always. Great design and work flow. That thing was so crazy flexible, we had a lot of cool stuff going on. One piece of advice would be to always bring some kind of separate monitor amp just for electronic drums. You never know when the monitor situation is going to suck or crap out on you mid way through a show. Have fun!!
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