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sequencer-10 reset-in
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Author sequencer-10 reset-in

i am still curious if my question should go to the DIY subforum, but here we go:

just got a sequencer-10 in a box. since clock-sync is an official anti-feature, i wonder if there is a possibility to trigger the reset (or any other grounded switch) by an external pulse or some volts, for example from an eurorack lfo or dopefers clock-divider a160?
lemme clear this further: i am still a diy noob. means, i can solder and build things pretty good but i cant really design analog circuits that go further than the odd dc voltage-divider...
me is suggesting i will need some device that switches by voltage. like a relais (relay) but more quiet, possibly some transistor. but which one?

can someone of them diy-gurus please shed some light on this for me?

Thanks 8_)
HI makro. On my schematic there is a clock in. Up in the top left corner.
Sequencer 10

If you wanted to add a reset input, all you would need to do is add another diode and a transistor switch like I have at the Clock In.

This would probably more helpful answers in the DIY subforum...

I'll see if I can figger that out. hmmm.....
If it is based on a 4017 you can use a reset in. See my demo below....

Thanks for answers 8_)

I have to admit, it was my mistake, because i had the sequencer-10 based on the MFOS build... So no clock in there. As reset was working with a pulse (not square) but setting the tempo was some PITA. very frustrating
I finally sold the unit and now i am looking forward to get an animodule sequencer-10 hyper
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