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Anyone have Volta working with Hz/V? <use FREQ input>
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Author Anyone have Volta working with Hz/V? <use FREQ input>
I've tried to calibrate my MS-20 several times and it always fails. I've checked everything, definitely getting signal, in range (I've tried different positive offset voltages from an external module) etc etc. When I hit 'calibrate' the pitch goes up like a half step or something and that's all that happens. At first I thought it was operator error, but the interesting thing is I tested this for Expert Sleepers using Silent Way and it worked. It wrapped octaves around kind of strangely, but it did essentially work. I don't use Silent Way so I didn't inquire any further about the octave thing. Seems to me that if Volta's Hz/V feature really does work, and I'm doing everything right, including biasing the voltage up to 0-8V then there' no reason this shouldn't work. I'm starting to suspect this feature is buggy or doesn't work at all, but no way to know unless someone somewhere can report they have it working with a Hz/V device.

The Korg MS-20 isn't compatible with Volta.
stretta wrote:
The Korg MS-20 isn't compatible with Volta.

Does Hz/V work at all in Volta?
Hi doctor

I have a MS20 too, similar problems.

Tech Support at MOTU send a reply to an inquiry from me which has some interesting information. I'm in stress right now, won't be able to check it practically in the next 2-3 days or so but perhaps it helps you with your similar problems. There seems to be an alternative CV-in at the MS20 for instance that DOES USE Oct/Volt instead of the herzt/volt at the "classic" VCO 1+2 CV in. Also some interesting information reg. workarounds regarding the trigger problem (MS 20 is special here too Rage! , it needs an S-trigger, instead of a V-trigger, something which volta doesn't seem to provide (up to now. Would be a very important issue fort the next VOLTA-software update, if it can be achieved using software only !! In the mean time it might end up being time for some soldering of customized cables.... :-(

So here's the Info, I would be grateful if you could give me/us all some feedback reg. your experiences trying out this tricks with your MS 20... !



(Taken from MOTU TECH LINK)
Which MS-20 modulation input are you using for control of the oscillators' pitch? Instead of using the modulation input labeled TOTAL (which affects both the pitch of the oscillators and the cutoff frequency of the filters), try using the input labeled FREQ. The FREQ input affects only the oscillators' pitch and not the filter cutoff frequencies. It is a Volts-per-octave input, not a Hertz-per-Volt input, so make sure that you have selected Voltz/octave in Volta's Calibration tab before beginning calibration. Alternatively, use the keyboard CV input, which is labeled VCO 1+2 CV IN and is a Hertz-per-Volt input.

During calibration, Volta does not produce any trigger signals. It expects a continuous, unmodulated, simple waveform returning from the oscillator output. In any case, Volta is currently not capable of producing an s-trigger signal. It produces rising triggers (commonly called v-trigger). An adapter cable or additional hardware will be required to convert Volta's v-trigger signals to s-trigger signals. If a suitable converter isn't available, you could use Volta's own envelope generator to modulate the MS-20's VCA directly. In Volta, change the voice control source envelope component's mode from tirgger to ADSR. Patch that signal to the CONTROL INPUT jack above the VCA label on the MS-20's patch panel.

It is also important to remember that some of the MS-20's modulation inputs expect signals between 0 and 8 VDC, but audio interface outputs typically cannot produce such a high voltage. For instance, the 828mkII analog outputs produce about ±4 VDC. To move that voltage range into the range necessary for a 0 to 8 VDC input, it will be necessary to apply a +4 VDC bias voltage to the signal at the interface output. The voltage ranges of the analog outputs on various MOTU audio interfaces are listed in Appendix B of the Volta User Guide (page 47). The specifications section of the MS-20 manual notes the expected voltage range for each of the modulation inputs.
I posted a similar request to MOTU as the last post and was told to try the same thing: Freq input and use V/Oct. Works great! The keyboard still works to transpose too, which is cool. I didn't need a bias/offset voltage either - w00t. I turned the Ext FM knob to max and got 5+ octaves (I think).
TIP: You can patch the mod wheel to the VCA to open it up for calibration.
This clip uses 2 trigger seq's to 2 dotcom EG's to the MS20 HPF and LPF
1 step seq for pitch. Just a quickie.

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