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analogue synth repair/maintenance
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Author analogue synth repair/maintenance

I have a problem with my Roland SH-3A and I am wondering if any of you DIYers can give me a hand?

Basically the filter resonance is not working. Signal still goes through the filter, but the resonance fader does nothing and the cutoff fader acts like a kind of volume control.

I know nothing about such things, but I am guessing its fairly simple since signal is still getting through. Maybe I just need to clean the fader?

I have done a few searches on fader maintenance and keep finding millions of conflicting recommendations about what to use / how to do it.

Do you think it's something simple like this or do I need to take it to the doctor?

Cheers! Guinness ftw!
It could be many things. If you aren't used to servicing equipment, I suggest taking it to a professional.
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