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[New Release!!!!] TrAniModule! 8HP Class A Amp/Spkr
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Author [New Release!!!!] TrAniModule! 8HP Class A Amp/Spkr
Behold the TrAniModule!!!!
(That's right, say it out loud hihi )
A 1 Watt, Class A Transistor Amplifier
In an 8HP, 29mm deep Package
For a Crazy Affordable price.

With a Line Input to jack your iPoop or your Walkman up to synth levels.
What's that?
You want to process your piddly little Line Level signal before you send it roaring out the belly of this little beast?
The Line out is normalled to the Mixer, so just plug in and it'll rip your signal away from the maws of this monster.

If you're looking for high fidelity
You better just slink back in to your studio with your Grandaddy's precious pretty monitors...
The speaker is about the size of my Big Toe!
But if you want portability and a warm sound that will drive when you crank it all the way, without knocking your granny off her chamber pot, We got'em both! AniModule has been working hard to help you achieve your Brown Note!

Really, haven't you ever wanted to pull your skiff out to the deck so you can contemplate life's inner intricacies and breathe the fresh air while you wind down your day?

But then you think twice cause your wife *cough* (we know you live in your parents basement) will think you're a kook while you're dragging your amplifier and cables through the house.

Now you can make that a reality. One outlet, one skiff, and you're communing with nature.

AniModule is helping to make your dreams come true. MY ASS IS BLEEDING

The Mix out is just a nice clean, buffered mix of your 2 Attenuatable Inputs and the Line Input.
The Speaker Out is normalled to the speaker in case you want to drive a bigger cab, or plug your pretty little headphones in, or capture the tone after the amplifier. If you plug in, the speaker cuts out, but the master will still control the volume. Handy for live performance.

and really, if you want a nice clean sound, just dial back the levels a little bit!!!

Alright, that's enough Shtick...
Here it is!!!!
The AniModule TrAniModule!!!!!!!

Mention you saw it on Muff's and I will donate %10 of the sale to this awesome website!
Estimated price: $129.99

TrAniModule Page
I'm pretty new to Eurorack but it seems like this may be the first module with a speaker in it!
That and the hilarious sales pitch make this a winner! w00t
Brilliant! If the speaker sounds remotely decent, this will be great when I want to bring my modular over to a friend's house and jam with a cellist.
It's motherfucking bacon yo
It's really convenient to have a little speaker in your cabinet.
All of my setups have a little amp so I can bring my rig out on to my truck tailgate in 1 - 2 trips. It's great for troubleshooting too, even when you're hooked up to a monitor in the studio.

Once you add an amp and different sized cables and a power strip it gets to be more hassle than "Oh, I think I'll go outside and jam for a little. It's a lovely day."

You have to get dug in a bit.

It is a decent sounding little speaker. I tried a bunch out and this was my favorite.
It's certainly no bass heavy kicker, but for what it is (a 40mm x 28mm - 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" speaker), it sounds pretty nice.
And like my spiel says, you can get a reasonably clean tone out of it if you just dial the master back a fifth of a turn.
TrAniModule Modular Grid Page
I literally noticed this one popping up in ModularGrid minutes after it was added. Great idea (at least, the idea isn't completely original but nobody else seems to be doing it in euro... whilst we all love a speaker in the Synthi and 2600, right?) and the feature set seems very thought out.

Just not that sold on the facepanel design...

It will be available for sale earlyish next week.

Hanz wrote:

Just not that sold on the facepanel design...

eek! You Wha....???
But, but it's Super ergonomic! thumbs up

You want fuller, more kissable lips?
I only got what my maker gave me :(

WOW! Very cool!
we're not worthy

This module screams fun!
It's peanut butter jelly time!
This looks GREAT!!!

I'd love to hear some demo's of this thing.
I'll work on it this weekend. Still not sure how to get a good demo. Maybe jam a 57 on it, or maybe just my camera mic?
I was just out jammin' on my tailgate and I had a circuit bent drum machine hooked up and triggering the comparator for envelopes and pulses for the ShNoiZe Rockin' Banana!
Now I can make my Euro more like an ARP2600- with a speaker (or two??!)!! applause
I like the way you think qfactor

The more the merrier w00t
Woo! I've been hoping for a module like this for a very long time. smile

I really like how it's got lots of functionality too.
I just recorded a couple quick and dirty demos for it out on my tailgate.
You couldn't ask for a nicer day to have an excuse to be outside.
They're pretty kooked but I think it'll give you a basic idear of what's going on.

Now I just have to upload them confused

I'll post'em up here as soon as Youtube swallows them up.
So. Awesome. screaming goo yo
Thanks thumbs up

Wow, I went to the Library and it uploaded in 15 minutes?!
It takes like 15 hours on my connect.
Here's a rough and ready/quick and dirty demo.
I'd like to get some more up, but let's start with one It's motherfucking bacon yo
wow this looks awesome!
I was just thinking about something like this a couple days ago.
A kind of battery and speaker module for some riverside EURO furn ... it looks the second one quickly became reality lol
Thanks thumbs up

That could work if you can find lamppost with an outlet. All you need is one outlet 8_)

No lugging your amp around with you or a separate battery powered speaker and cables. Just plug in and patch away Rockin' Banana!

Ever feel like you're playing Battleship when you're patching up your skiff? hihi
It's motherfucking bacon yo It's motherfucking bacon yo It's motherfucking bacon yo
w00t w00t w00t w00t

ahem 8_)

As always, mention you saw it on Muff's and I will donate %10 to this wonderful website we're not worthy
New and awesome Demo for the TrAniModule
Paranormal Patroler
*cough* (we know you live in your parents basement)

Ninja How did you know?
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