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TM3030 - Extremely low volume / problems
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Author TM3030 - Extremely low volume / problems
Just built a TM3030 and the output is very low and a bit fuzzy (though the fuzz could be because everything is cranked).

With the sound system turned way up I can hear it's partly working - receiving notes correctly and the tune, volume and accent pots seem to work fine but it's hard to tell with the rest, if the resonance pot is turned all the way down almost nothing is audible except fuzz-pops with the incoming gate and the frequency pot doesn't seem to have much effect. Additionally slide and accent LEDs are not working though I can hear it both accenting and sliding notes.

Any ideas on where I can start trouble shooting?
Usually with output faint it could be one of the following:

1. Output socket connected the wrong way.

2. Waveform switch not wired corrected or faulty.

3. Incorrect VCA build. Because of the options available in fitting the BA662 or CA3080 some people miss out parts or add ones in that they shouldn't for their chosen option. eg. if using the CA3080 then make sure both Q35 and R118 are fitted.

4. Wrong parts in the output mixer. Make sure Q34 and Q33 are the right parts.

The usual reason for LEDs not working is that they have been fitted the wrong way around. However, both accent and slide have their own driver transistors. Make sure Q7 and Q32 are the right parts and have been inserted into the PCB correctly.

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