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Analogue mixer suggestions
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Author Analogue mixer suggestions
Looking for a good quality, low noise, small format mixer to tie all my synths, effects, MPC 500 together, and bring back into my computer. Allen & Heath ZED 14 is a start, but a few small details bothered me. What piece of kit are you utilizing?
mackie 1604 VLZ3. it does its job and doesn't get in the way. you have to be very careful with gain staging (preamps and mix bus), as it doesn't sound nice when it goes into distortion. treat the yellow light as if it's red and you'll do fine. it's great for the price, good functionality and small size.
I use a A&H Mixwizard in my homesetup.
Proper dual midsweep 4-band EQ that actually sounds pretty good, even when boosting, for a compact. That goes for the preamp aswell.
Diff leaning towards A&H. I have my MPC 500, Mopho, adding a Tetra andf some Trogotronics etc, need a way to mix, and then bounce back into my Apogee Duet-Macbook Pro-ESATA drive.
Toft ATB here. Versatile and very usable four band eq, VU and peak metering, and I have heard that the pres are on par with RNPs (although I haven't used them to confirm the comparison). Through hole with socketed ICs on a board per channel design was also a selling point for me. Overall a very nice in-line for the price point.
Mackie Onyx all the way.
digitalganesha wrote:
Mackie Onyx all the way.

seems they are only selling the 1640i series which has the FW integration blah blah blah... maybe you can find a used or new 1640 someplace but then be warned they EQ on those is not switchable pre'post so you can't actually track using the EQ settings on your channel strip via the direct outs.. only through the 4 busses which means extra circuitry in the signal path to route your chanel to the bus abd yada yada..

so if you don't care about the EQ when tracking then the onyx will be fine. don' tknow if the new onyx series have the pre/post for the analog direct outs..

i have an older 1604 VLZ works fine sounds clean.. nothing to write home about but i use it as little as possible. found an old calrec minimixer from the 80s tha tis the shit. and i use that for tracking.

but if you want new then go w/the AH imo. they sound good and are quite flexible w/the routing.
John Nonjohn
Check out the Yamaha mixers--some of those have built-in effects and even compression! Jarre used Yamaha mixers, as on-stage, sub-mixers for his "Live in Your Living Room" DVD! Allen & Heath is good too! You don't want to know what I mix on--okay, I'll tell you--SSL 4048 G+! Rockin' Banana!
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