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Malekko Bananable?
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Author Malekko Bananable?
Reese P. Dubin
Malekko is looking pretty tasty with all this Wiard stuff. So are these modules real modern style with all the jacks being PCB mounted, or can I rejack them with bananas and set them free? Switching jacks and all of that are not an issue.
+1 for fingers crossed?
I looked at the Borg. If I bend the jack's solder tab over and slip some kind of bushing, like O ring, between the jack and the front of the panel there should be just enough clearance. That's with the standard Johnson banana jack. I'm only running 1 row of euro at the moment. When I get some more room I'll try it.
Not having noticed this thread I just tried to run a sequence from the 250e into the Anti Oscillator via the Format Jumbler.

Interestingly it was the only oscillator that I tried that worked fine without any major attenuation. On the test floor was an AFG, M15 and Classic VCO -the last was a bit of a mystery as to why it wouldn't work.

Bare in mind, I'm not a math guy I play bass.
I'm guessing no one has actually converted their Malekko Wiard modules yet to banana? 'Cause I'm curious about this too...

...for no particular reason! Ninja
it would be way more trouble then what it's worth, you's have to find another way to mount the the jacks are the anchor to the faceplate...
Dead Banana
sad banana
thumbs up
Very nice. applause
BananaPlug cares not for can't!! we're not worthy
It's peanut butter jelly time!

I'd like to know more about how this was accomplished! This is fun!
parasitk wrote:
It's peanut butter jelly time!

I'd like to know more about how this was accomplished! This is fun!

I've put the details in this thread but if a moderator has a better place for it go ahead and move it.
Bananaplug could you pust a pic off your whole bananfied setup?
Including the stuff witch was banana by origin.
Well, it's in an in-between state right now. Originally it was Serge panels in a curved console. Years later I built a dual rack, like an Ikea book case, so I could mix in other formats. I tried some Modcan A and quickly decided that Serge and Modcan (Cynthia too) would become the core and I'd limit the Frac and Euro to special things.

The plan is to reconfigure into something less tall. Make a block of Modcan in sixpacs (that's done), set that on a 27" wide box with 1 row of Frac and 1 row of 1 Euro and divide the Serge putting some of it flat on the table (TKB goes there for sure), and the rest in a rack to the side. Might use Tourcase cases for the stuff on the sides. Had hoped to get Randall to make the wide 3U case but I chickened out. Also have DIY underway in the A format. Sometime this winter I'll have pictures.
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