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Thanks Tom! Micro Crusher goes MU
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Author Thanks Tom! Micro Crusher goes MU
Bryan B
Tom was kind enough to trade me an assembled Micro Crusher PCB (including a V-Trigger in mod), so I designed a panel and wired it up!

I tested it yesterday and it works great off of my +15v rails. It didn't even flinch when I fed it really hot and distorted signals. I am happy to have this in my modular.

I hope I didn't offend anyone by calling it the MuCrusher haha!

Wow, beautiful panel, Bryan! Looks like a ton of fun.
Looks great!
looks great! does the trig in work as a clock replacement? so it is basically like a s/h? and then to get the bit crushing sound you feed it really fast/audio rate pulses/gate/trig/square etc?
Yep. That's how the BugCrusher works as well. Great S/H.
ac and dc passing? so a complete sample and hold? if so, how does the mix work in terms of dc?
very cool! w00t
Bryan B
Thanks for the kind words!

The trigger toggles the bypass on and off, which is what the manual button does also.
It can handle togglling at audio rates which is a cool additional effect.
Bryan B
Here is a pic of the back when it was closer to finished.

Super cool!
You really aced out the module - well done.

Dude - no, this is just using the uCrusher pedal guts so it is just an audio-rate clock and S/H section.
The trigger input is just where the bypass footswitch goes - simple V-Trig to S-trig convert approach.
In theory you could modify it to become a more standard S/H with external clock but that'd be a bit too kludgey and would probably need some other values tweaked.
Paradigm X
interesting, smd on there, i thought for some reason they were through hole.
that looks great, good job.

best part of this thread tho:

BugBrand wrote:
Dude - no,

This will let also the mu system go bananas :-D
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