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How did you discover modulars?
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Author How did you discover modulars?
How did you discover modular synths?

What was the driving force of your modular purchase?
first time I saw one being played live was by Hard Corps (think a system 100m) when they supported Depeche mode on the music for the masses tour and I thought I want one of those one day I was 17
bought 1st module(euro) when I was 40 eek! 23yrs later Never maintain cash savings again
As a kid hangin out in music stores in the seventies we saw lots of synths starting to show up but modulars were these mythical beasts only seen in magazines and record covers. Coveted one for over thirty years! love
did a music tech course where they had a Roland System 100, then discovered leaflet announcing Doepfer's new affordable system... lusted after that for about 7 years until I bit.
I wrote a band which went a similar way like me from punk to more experimental music to ask them what synth they're using.

In their reply they let me know that they used a MS20 and had included a Korg MS series flyer. For reasons of money my first synth was a MS10 yet the MS50 was on my mind for years. Eventually I was able to buy one. Allegedly DAF (Chrislo Haas?) were among its previous owners.
My parents bought a copy of Switched-On Bach. I loved gadgets (e.g. knobs and wires) even at that age and it was amazing that a big gadget like that could make music.

I guess I unconsciously resolved that I had to have one After a long winding path through other cool activities and career I'm finally getting into it.
I can blame Gordon Reid, by stumbling over his Cwejman S1 review ... should have bought that S1, but made the mistake starting with modules "because that S1 was so expensive". Stopped counting what I spent already, but I'm pretty sure I could have bought several S1s ...

Edit: Of course I liked synths before already, growing up with Howard Jones and OMD etc.
Back in the late 60's my dad had a meeting with Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, who had recently bought one of the first Moogs after seeing Beaver & Krause's moog at the Monterey Pop Festival. When he got home he described it in great detail, being very excited about it's potential to change the musical landscape, which of course it did. I was 10 or 11 at the time, and very impressionable, and I was fascinated by this. I soon found out that Moogs were built in a town very near where we lived, and that there were quite a few of them in the area. One band that had a bunch of them was Mother Mallards Portable Masterpiece Company, and I would go see their concerts whenever I could until going off to college a few years later. At college (Oberlin Conservatory) I minored in composition, and took a few electronic music courses, and got some real hands on experience with a large Moog, a Buchla, several EMS Synthis, and an Emu modular. I was a cello major, and ended up getting jobs playing the cello, which didn't involve a lot of disposable income, and modulars kind of disappeared anyway, so I kind of lost interest after college. It wasn't until 2003 that I found out that there was a resurgence of interest in modulars starting up, and I jumped on the bandwagon, first with several modules from, and then going the DIY route with the MOTM format.
I only discovered modulars in the past couple years. I bought a Monotron on a whim three years ago and loved it from the first screaming squelch it made then I wanted more and got a Dark Energy and wondered what those patch points were all about. Then I ended up here!
My story isn't anything exciting, I've just always had a passion for making sounds, sometimes musical. When I was a youngster I took piano lesions. We also had an organ and a banjo.

When I was in high school in the 70's another student in My electronics class was building a synth. I didn't ay a lot of attention because I was busy designing a computer. An intel 8008, hundreds of ttl chips, and a mile of wire wrap.

Fast forward to 2003. After almost raising my children. We just moved into a new home. I saw and just about bought a system, but one again other distractions kept me away.

Between the 70's and now I did acquire a bunch of music and studio gear, that I've always hung onto and played around with.

Finally at the end of 2010 I got the bug bad. I discovered muffs and em. I committed to the project and have never looked back. I'm having the absolute time of my life!
Kinda lame, but I discovered modulars through a Deadmau5 livestream. I loved the tactility and the amazing amount of sounds he was getting, not to mention some knobs completely altered the timbre of the sound.

I had been into synths before, and before that guitars, all the while looking for really cool/strange/intersting new sounds. I saw Joel's modular (old studio, giant Euro system) and heard what he was doing and knew I had to have one.
The same as a lot of you probably but 30 years later. I was flipping through my mom's records and found switched on bach. I had heard about "moogs" but didn't know the difference between a modular or minimoog etc...

I wasn't particularly impacted or impressed until I stumbled upon the website sometime around 2006.
I purchased my first modular from a coworker at Moog. It was a 6U Doepfer case with only a few modules but it was enough to get a feel for it and the hard part (case and power) was done.
I walked into a Gershon Kingsley recording session at the Record Plant and there was a Moog (2 black cabinets) sitting in the middle of Studio C.
My first semester of college (Glendale CA, 1977) I took a class called "Synthesizers". No idea what I was getting into. They had a PAIA system that was built by students a few years prior. The teacher Peter Davison had a Serge system that he made while working there. He was my foot in the door to my own employment with Serge. Built my own Serge in 1978, then went to Pasadena City College where they had a large Moog modular and a couple Teac 3340's and a Sony 2-track.

Good times!


back i the mid-70s when i was in 6th grade at school, the industrial arts teacher and one of the english teachers (whose brother, incidentally, had been a founding member of 'devo' who left the band early on to pursue a career making soundtracks for adult films and advertisements using a moog modular system) which they demonstrated to us kids once it was semi operational. then a few years later, in the early 80s, i noticed it in the dumpster and rescued it for a while...

zombie i recall that it had silver panels which i believe were a bit taller than 5U (definitely not a paia kit), and had been labeled with black sharpie. it think it had a vco, vcf, lfo and vca - pretty basic stuff. i was able to patch it and make some sounds, mosty helicopter-noises and the like, by twisting the knobs but could never get its cv keyboard to control the vco. i suspect my parents threw it out while i was away at college).

i don't think it had much influence on my later decision to start a modular system in 2009, at all.

I played synths for 5 years when I bought the korg plugin bundle with the ms20 controller. That was 7 years ago. Couldn't for the life of me not figure out how to patch and only played with the presets. Bought a book on doepfer synths in Danish to enlighten my patching. Didn't help that much on the ms20 as there's some prepatching I still can't figure out but it talked about these synths and it started a fire in me. Got switched on bach and all. Only a couple of weeks ago I got my first humble a-100 smile
When I saw pictures of Keith Emerson's Moog in the NME sometime around 1973. I thought synths were cool anyway as I had seen minimoogs and VCS3's before, but when I saw Keith in front of his Moog, I was like fuuuuuuk!
I walked into Analogue Haven? Dead Banana Original shop in Pomona before NoiseBug
When I was a post punk youth the MS20 was ones of the few affordable synths so that's what I got. Meaning the modular idea was there from the beginning. 25 years later I saw an Analogue Systems/Doepfer setup absolutely dirt cheap on sound on sound? I had no real idea what it was but I bought it and then then the real problems began.
I was in high school when the first ELP album came out. I was, like, what the hell is making those awesome sounds? I saw ELP on the Tarkus tour and got to see what the hell was making those awesome sounds. 8_)

I dropped out of college in '74 and started working at Sam Goody (a record store for those of you not from the northeast US) in mid-town Manhatten. It was while working there that I got exposed to Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company. At that point, I knew I would someday have a modular. hihi

I went back to college in '76, got married, and had 3 kids.

I am primarily a drummer. So, my first "synth" experience began in the early 80's with Simmons drums. I bought an SDS8, then an SDS7, and finally an SDX...still have them all. I bought a few keyboard synths as well: Korg Poly800, Roland Alpha Juno, etc. But I knew someday my modular would come. applause

In 2001, I came across I looked at the portable cabinets and immediately visions of Tangerine Dream on stage came to mind. we're not worthy woah I ordered a 2 cabinet portable system in 2001. Today, it comprises 10 portable cabinets plus 1 Box11.
geosonix wrote:
My parents bought a copy of Switched-On Bach. I loved gadgets (e.g. knobs and wires) even at that age and it was amazing that a big gadget like that could make music.

I guess I unconsciously resolved that I had to have one After a long winding path through other cool activities and career I'm finally getting into it.

Same here. SOB was all the rage among the NASA guys in town. All of my friend's parents had a copy. It got played at parties. It got played in school.

By about 1985, I finally had the time and money to start buying and playing synths, but by then modulars were long out of production. For about 15 years I never even saw a modular, much less played one. Then along about 1999 I started reading Synth-DIY and I heard about what Paul Schreiber was doing. A couple of years later I was buying my first MOTM kits.
My brother and a friend took an electroacoustic music class at Concordia ... One night I went up to visit them and played around on a modular they had access too ... I had no idea what I was doing but it was amazing. Lately I got into modulars because I have known Dan from intellijel since childhood and I needed something new in my musical life... So I decided to start a system.
Can't say exactly but I probably learned about modulars by reading Future Music and Computer Music magazines. When I started buying synths (around 2000), I found a demo of VAZ Modular in one of these mags and thought it was great. I learned most synthesis basics using that demo and trying to translate the knowledge to my other synths.

In 2003 or 2004 I was finally able to buy a Nord Micromodular (which I had also read about in FM). I immediately got hooked into modular synthesis. By that time I was already spending around $3K each year in gear, so early in 2005 I decided to buy something cool and expensive instead of many cheapish bits. I was originally considering a workstation (like a Motif or a Triton), but after some research, I learned I could buy a real, analog modular. I narrowed it down to either doepfer or dotcom (mostly due to cost) and after some more research, I went with a dotcom entry system.
I found this book at the library around 1992:

I was then launched on a quest..............
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