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I love it when a plan comes together...(Now with short vid)
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Author I love it when a plan comes together...(Now with short vid)


Michael Ford at Metalbox just shipped me this beast, which has been a central part of the plan for a few years now.

MFOS stereo mixer, modified with MFOS Dual Log/Lin VCAs on every input. I already have one of these mixers in Euro (built by Todd Fletcher during the time when I had no workbench or studio after the move). That Euro module is stock, no VCAs, and built to the schematic which gives 10x gain on the mono channels and 6x on the stereo; it is a great module but I always thought it could do more. I take advantage of the gain differences to wire in gear with lower output than the modular, so my ER-1 and 777 can play nice with the Malekko/Wiard kit.

I asked Michael to pick components with the goal of destroying the quality of your average prosumer Mackie board. Mission accomplished! I can't get any hiss out of this thing unless I max out every gain stage on all channels smile This unit is also built for unity gain since it will serve the needs of the big Wiard only. It's powered off a 15v Elpac wall wart with the 5 pin DIN output; I happened to have one handy smile

It's pretty busy inside, but the usual Metalbox build quality certainly applies:

Running it through its paces now. The notion that started it all was, "hey, I can pull 2/4/8 bar gates out of a Binary Zone. You could use that to arrange tracks on the fly if you had a multichannel mixer with VCAs on every input."

And so here we are. More news as events warrant. It's motherfucking bacon yo nanners SlayerBadger!


Fucking Ace!

Can you explain why you went with 2 CVs per channel? Besides "Moar = Better"...

VCA's on at least one FX send output would have been even more awesome although I do realize that feature creep and "shoulda/coulda" can go on forever, unlike a delivery date and $$$.

I guess that you can get a somewhat similar result using the Stereo Inputs though. Perhaps even better.




Glad to see it arrive at it's home. Paul did the main frontpanel design which I tweaked a little. Build time took a lot longer than expected due to my personal life, but Paul was so patient that he should be up for some sort of award! The shot of the insides was taken on my bench before it was totally finished so the wiring is a little neater now.

The only source of noise are the VCA's and I was able to really minimize that with a few tweaks to the circuit. It's worth noting that the VCA's are hard wired exponential as per it's intended use.

Thanks a lot Paul, hope it's everything you needed.


we're not worthy we're not worthy
beautiful! still love my old wave mult from metalbox/cgs!


Kent wrote:
FCan you explain why you went with 2 CVs per channel? Besides "Moar = Better"...

Well, in addition to "more is better" I figured that there would be times when I might need to [FIRST EXAMPLE REMOVED BECAUSE I AM AN IDIOT AND VCAS DON'T WORK THAT WAY AND YOU GUYS ARE SO KIND NOT TO POINT IT OUT] blend a 4 bar square with a 2 bar square to get 75% duty cycle trivially without screwing up pattern lengths elsewhere in the sequence. The MFOS VCA allows for this so why not?

I guess that you can get a somewhat similar result using the Stereo Inputs though. Perhaps even better.

That was my thought. It's not going to be a hardwired mixer with a patchbay, I have one of those already smile This one is supposed to be part of the patch, however the patch evolves. The FX it might talk to are all modular anyway, or will be once they are built: Tau Pipe, Krautrock, Triple Chorus, and two Time Machines. So...CV controlled feedback loops to wacky FX chains? Um, yes! SlayerBadger!


Liquidcolor wrote:
Thanks a lot Paul, hope it's everything you needed.

I'm super pleased so far.

I must say also that Michael was very open about his trials and tribulations and that went a long way towards making the delays bearable. He is a professional and takes his customer care very seriously. I've certainly waited longer for delivery of a piece of musical gear with *much* less communication, so from my end, no harm no foul. It's here now and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

I have a business trip this week but hope to post a demo of the whole "let the modular arrange its own tunes" trick by next weekend.


nice, looking forward to hearing the demo


The pressure and row outputs of a Bugbrand CTL1 are tremendous choices for CV2... smile


we're not worthy

there are no words


Here, have a short demo! Quick and Dirty because I know you like it that way...

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