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TM3030 need info to the ground on a metal case
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Author TM3030 need info to the ground on a metal case
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Hello! I'm currently to finish my TM3030 but I don't understand how to make the ground for the metal enclosure in the builder's guide. I have two jacks 1/4 different, one is plastic framed socket but with metallic securing nut and the other is metal bush with metal securing nut, I do not understand what is the best way to do the ground of my metal enclosure because in the guide there are three ways indicated, which of the 3 ways should I do, in the knowledge that I have 2 types of 1/4 jacks(but my 1/4 jack with plastic framed socket have a metalic nut instead of a plastic), my midi socket is in metal too.

thank you in advance for your response

best regard, damien
Don't panic, it's easy if you are using a wallwart power supply.

The case needs to be grounded. And it needs to be grounded with just one wire from the PCB. That can come from either the metal midi socket, the metal bush of the audio output socket, or from a piece of wire from the GND pad. It should not come from more than one of these though.

If you have used a plastic bush socket then use a metal midi socket (most are) and ground your case via the midi socket. Use the sixth solder tag on the midi socket, the socket's sleeve connection, as shown in the Builder's Guide.

If you use your metal bush audio socket then you do not need to make the sleeve connection on the midi socket. But simply wire your output socket normally. The case will be grounded via the output socket.

You can test whether your case is grounded by measuring the resistance between the GND pad and one of the case's securing screws. It should read close to zero ohms if the case is grounded properly.

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