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Author Philosophy
more than once i heard that my modules are too large, they would eat up too much front panel real estate (HP).

when i started building my modular i was intrigued by the idea that there is no software running, but just current. the fugacity of the patches making your current sound unique is another thing that i like about the modular. and then it was the haptic: all parameters are available on the front panel, no hidden features or menues.
OTOH i went the eurorack route to have it somehow portable.
so from the beginning i saw eurorack as a tradeoff of playability and size, and everyone has to draw a line for himself. i drew mine.

same goes for the complexity of the single module. during the past few years we see more and more highly integrated modules with a lot of internal pre-patching. this makes it easy for patching, but it is a step back from modularity, no?

so i like to build modules that have enough front panel space to be used easily. and they should be easily used w/o a manual, and w/o the need to rifle through menues and sub-menues (even the mh11 ADC sequencer is easy to operate as soon as you got the idea).

i understand the desire to have lot of functionality in little room. this can be fascinating too. i see that. however, i want to promote the idea of having it more modular, more analogue, more playable instrument.

the modules themselfes are produced in germany. even the PCBs. electronic components come from far east today, this is part of the game we play.
i chose a small local company for manufacturing and assembling the PCBs (TechLay), another small local company to do the front panels (GravoPrintec). final assembly is done by myself. this way i try to have short distances for transport, and to support local industry (not that fonitronik would be a huge support, haha).
Good luck matthias in this new step ! thumbs up applause
hpsounds wrote:
Good luck matthias in this new step ! thumbs up applause

thanks, man. i hope to read the name fonitronik amongst the sub-forums gives me a little bit more attention. i am selling modules for a few years now, however, fonitronik is mentioned seldom hihi
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
I say, do what you want to do and to hell with the naysayers. I think your stuff is awesome, personally, and even though I design eurocrack, my own modular is strictly 5U. (I also turn it on about once a month, but that's another matter.)
where is the like button? love
these words from you mean a lot to me...
great attitude, matthias! I hope your little enterprise will eventually sustain itself.
for some reason i was expecting fuck bitches get money...


seriously though very cool statement
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